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  1. Hi, I really need some help regarding a debt that i owe to LLoyds TSB. When I orginally took aout the loan i took out the PPI but cancelled it the following day. I ws under the impression that the the amount for the PPI wold be refundedback to the loan account. But it appears that LLoyds have merely reduced the time that I have to repay the loan back leaving me with a £12K debt rather than a £9k one. I sent off the CCA letter and got an agreement back, it is the original agreement that I signed including the PPI. I was wondering if this would make the agreement unenforceable as the
  2. Hi, I have had some dealings with Reliable. they sent me the same agreement as you, without my signature. So I sent them the necessary letters - account in dispute etc. They wrote back a couple of times saying that they had no legal obligation to send me the agreement and that they would continue to chase me for payment. However i peservered and I now have a letter confirming that they have 'on this occasion' cancelled the debt. keep going with them, send them the letters and they will come good in the end. x
  3. HI, I wondered if someone could advise me, in 2005 I took out a loan with LLoyds TSB and was given PPI cover which added £3K to the loan so the following day I cancelled it. Up until recently I was under the impression, as per the LLoyds agreement that this had been refunded to the loan account but I was wrong - they simply reduced the term of the loan instead. My question is that I signed the original agreement for x months for x amount and didnt resign a contract following the PPI cancellation beit for a change of payment terms of amount. Basically the only contract signed was for
  4. Hi, I wondered if anyone had any thoughts on my situation that might help with my ongoing cca dilemma. I took a loan out a few years ago with lloyds tsb, when I signed the original agreement I didnt notice right away that there was PPI on there. The following morning when I noticed I rang the branch and informed them that i was cancelling this as I wasnt working at the time and also wrote the required letter. I wasnt sent a new agreement without the PPi on, I thought that they had credited the loan account with the cost back of the insurance. But it turns out they have simply reduced
  5. Thanks for that GG!!!! Where the definition of credit is described - 'a manner to be determined ' do you think that the company stating tha they will inform us of the limit at a later date would make the agreement binding? Or is this too flimsy an argument.
  6. That's great thanks very much for your help. Do you think that Moorcroft will still continue with any legal action if I send them this. They want almost £250 per month to clear the o/d which I cant really afford. i dont see why I have to pay so much when it is made up of charges from the bank.
  7. Havent really got access to a scanner - any other ideas?
  8. Hi! Thanks for the reply - no I just sent the letters off as I didnt know how far I could go with the court case still going on. If you could find me a letter I would really appreciate it! Thanks again
  9. HI, Following some bank charges I ended up with an overdraft for £1100 following these unlawful charges which I started the process to claim back. But Abbey have now passed the debt to Moorcroft who are demanding payment. Does anyone have a letter that I could send them to stop this or at least pause it until the court case is decided? Any help would be much appreciated. xxxxx
  10. Hi, I would appreciate some help if possible, I sent my CCA request to RBS in relation to a Mint card taken out in 05 but am unsure if it is enforceable. Can someone explain what theprescribed terms are? Also there is no credit limit (says they will give you notice of your credit limit etc...)ot terms and conditions with the contract, the T&C's were apparantly posted seprtately. PLus there are no details about how to cancel just that again, they will send out exact details. Would the fact that these are missing make it unenforceable? Thanks in advane, have Moorcroft chasin
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