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  1. hi,


    i'd contact your local trading standards.


    i used to work as a manager for phones 4u and this issue does not necessarily get resolved at store level - you need to request contact information for the area & regional managers - they will be more able to resolve issues.


    as a retail manager you will know that the manager if not involved at the start of this issue, will have spoken to the staff member and will also be more inclined to take their word for it against a stranger.


    i think you should take a breath and just keep plugging at it - we had a terrible issue years ago with some business contracts - turned out they had no/poor reception in the area they primarily worked in. the member of staff that sold the deal had convinced them to switch network (more commission if i remember right!) and this required numbers to be carried over.


    we got the contracts cancelled but took at least 3 months for the guys to get their old numbers back - this was only achieved after intervention from me, my area manager, my regional manager and a customer services manager from HO!!!


    You have rights - contact your local paper - or the paper that covers the area the store is in - they should be happy to run with a story.


    As mentioned above - your local trading standards should be your first port of call.


    take care and keep us updated,


    meerkat xx

  2. Hi UTP,


    glad you've found this site - its invluable to myself and mr meerkat, we've touching £75k of unsecured debt and with the help of the guys (& gals) on here we're getting through ok!


    firstly I'd be very careful with you offers - its worth paying a solicitor to send the final letters & the actual payments. its best that they come from a 3rd party. Get the solicitor to write the letter/paperwork that goes with the payment as this will keep things right for you and give you something to come back to should there be any comeback from dca's.


    The solicitor will probably cost a bit £500+ but it is well worth the expense to know you are getting things done right. Make sure the creditors are going to set your credit file as showing the debt as settled at least.


    With regards the tax & VAT, i'm not sure you'll be able to reduce those - but it's worth a shot to find out.


    Keep your chin up - looks like the future mrs UTP is a great help to you through all this so make sure to keep her sweet! lol;)


    Keep us updated on whats happening.



  3. Hey Beachy,


    Oh this is such a great story!


    A bit like GE Money with my mum, getting them to admit they are in the wrong is the hardest point - court here we come!


    When you get every penny, you should have that holiday with your OH, you deserve it.


    Ive been about - but alot going on personally with mum, so struggling to get to deal with our own stuff. Nightmare.


    Take care,


    Meerkat x.

  4. Hey Everyone,


    Finally got speaking to CAB last minute on Friday, one of the managers took pity on our pleas for requests to speak with someone, having waited three days in a row to see someone and not getting anybody.


    Firstly, the lady wasnt a money advisor, but she was able to tell us pretty much what they could tell us anyway - she just couldnt get involved anymore than information.


    She believes that mum has a genuine case for trying to get the debts written off due to irresponsable lending. However, to start that ball rolling we have to see a money advisor.


    Right away she stated that if we havent made any payments yet, then we shouldnt, we should stop all correspondance and ignore all letter and calls - then just let the accounts go statute barred in 6 years.


    She also stated they were advising more and more people to do the same. It sounded a little flipant, but at the same time I can understand how this is good advice for many. The only caviat she put in was that if some of the debts were large, then some creditors might seek to take this to court to try for a charging order, but that in Northern Ireland, very few people are getting a forced sale of their homes.


    I phoned back today to arrange to see a money advisor, only to be told by the same manager that we would need to call into the drop-in centre, wait to see an advisor again and then complete a raft of forms, then they will refer us to a money advisor after that point....


    Is it really so difficult to get this basic help? God Bless those who are struggling without CAG on their own.


    So because of our situation with mum, it looks like its going to have to be a money advisor close to our home she will need to be dealing with, I just dont know if they have different legislation in Northern Ireland than they would in England, so perhaps this will be a mistake?


    That aside, im off to write my e-mail to the Guardian and see if they would be interested in getting involved with mums case.


    She had her first letter from Mercers last week, together with what appears to be a compliant DN. Not good.


    Hoping to get the Guardian onboard so that they next letter we send them has a bit more weight behind it.


    Talk soon everyone,


    meerkat x

  5. Hi Guys,


    I had a call like this yesterday to my mobile, giving me until 8pm last night to phone them back.


    Asking for me by my first name, gave a reference number and a telephone number to call back on. The caller also left her first name.


    No reference on any of the google spam filters for this number, so wondering if anybody else has had a call like this recently and if so have they gotten to the bottom of who it was?


    Obviously no company name and no reason for the call.....


    Hubby told me its a load of rubbish, but weve been dealing with mums hassle for the last month and havent had the chance to deal with our own, short of making the token payments.


    What do you think? Here is the number 0844 325 3047.




    meerkat x

  6. Hi Folks,


    Had a final response from Santander about this....


    Apparentlty 'Their' calculators tell 'Them' that 'They' have issued the correct amount of repayment on this.


    Stating that its the Financial Leasing Association we need to take it up with due to the age of the policy, that the FOS has no remit - then at the end of the letter they state that we need to take it up with the FOS!


    Can I ask what is the procedure now for taking them to court?


    We have never done this before, so would appreciate it if you would tell us what forms need to be completed - sorry to seem so helpless with this!


    Mum is also in Northern Ireland, just in case things are different over here.


    We want to get this into court today - is she entitled to a concession on the cost as she is on IB?


    Many thanks everyone,


    meerkat x

  7. Hi Folks,


    Its been a long day so sorry for the late reply.


    Hubby is on a 24 hour blood pressure monitor as his doctor believes he has high blood pressure.


    Elsa - Thank you. Thats above an beyond the call of duty, but we will gladly accept any help you can offer. If you want to PM me with what you were thinking rather than posting up on the forum at this stage that would be great and I will work with you on that. Perhaps when we get a finished document together we could start a new thread for others to benefit from as you suggest?


    I think that would be wonderful to put things together in a document that could be sent off, clearing stating mums case.


    We have done letters as stated, but its a case of trying to be firm while at the same time trying not to p*** them off....


    Thats not enough though and they do need to be put firmly in their place.


    Crapstone/JoeMay - agree BR isnt the solution for mum, the creditors have had their pound of flesh off her, she shouldnt loose her home as well (even if its only a small possibility).


    CAB tomorrow, waited for the 3 hours today and the amount of people who didnt get to see someone was crazy. Just so many people in the same boat as ourselves its frightening.


    BBNB, Everyone has been CCA'd, SAR'd and CPR 1 31.16. Had two applications as a result (one with no prescribed terms and one with some prescribed terms but this has been cleared by PPI reclaim) and the only other document was the 'approved limit' agreement from EGG, with a funny date (4 years after mum applied for the card). BC sent nothing!


    No response as yet from EGG to our pro-rata offer (nearly two weeks ago since it was offered) and BC gave us 14 days to get an acceptable DMP offer through from either CAB or CCCS, and then they will issue a DN through Mercers.


    CCCS suggested BR - even with just over £120 per month available (although that was including mums DLA). CAB no further forward as yet.


    BC timescales are impossible to keep to, they are such a joke. 6 months since our CCA request (myself and hubbies) they still havent been able to fulfill it, but yet we should be able to get a DMP set up in two weeks...:rolleyes:.


    Nobody has had any payments for a couple of months.


    We put all her accounts in dispute (the ones that we could) a few months ago, so it will be interesting to see what they believe they can do with these accounts.


    But thank you all for this, its a great boost for us all to have this support.


    meerkat xxxxx

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  8. Folks, its been said before on the thread but I feel it needs to be repeated:


    Anybody stating they are on DLA or other benefits, will surely remember the hassles they went to going through all of the various medical asessments. I remember it took 18 months for mum to finally get recognised as being fully eligible for DLA and that took much fighting on our part for her to get what she was entitled to.


    No DCA or Creditor could even begin to understand the complexity of mental illness unless they are dealing with such issues themselves on a daily basis...my goodness, they even struggle to know their own business and what the legalities are...


    The problem really begins in how they think they can use this information.


    If they are looking 'facts', my interpretation of my mother's illness will differ from my hubby's, from her doctors, from a mental health consultant, etc. Each person will offer their version of the same illness, but from their own standing point.


    So how will any creditor or DCA quantify this info? Simple answer - they cant.


    All this document will do is reign in those people who are now suffering (or saying they are suffering) from mental illness which is having an impact on their ability to repay their debts.


    Fear, insecurity and doubt. Thats all this document will sustain.


    Simply another way of the Creditors and DCA's trying to take control of the situation for their own benefit.


    Anybody disagree?


    meerkat x

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