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  1. So can anyone point me in the right direction regarding reporting them to TS?
  2. I agree, I have had this happened to me so many times by various companies ( We never received your cancellation letter etc) that I now routinely cancel direct debits when cancelling anything. this is what i did with ISP'A' As for my original contract, at the moment it hasnt surfaced but my house is still in chaos with unpacked boxes etc after a house move nearly a year ago ( new baby has done away with any 'spare' time I might have had )
  3. Ok thanks for the replies so far, a little background to the story. I was with ISP 'A' for about five years and in that time had no complaints either way, they did what I paid them to do, and for my part I paid on time every time. Then My missus decides she wants to swap to ISP 'B' so I did a little research and yes they seem a better deal so an hour long phone call takes place during which I asked the rep at least 3 times " Do I have to advise or do anything regarding my current soon to be previous ISP ('A')?" "No, we will take care of everything, you dont have to do anything a
  4. Is it not? Like I said Im still plowing thru the threads on the site but sure I remember coming across something about DCAs acting as solicitors?
  5. ok photobucket it is, be right back ***edit** hows this? ***2nd edit*** Hoorrrayyyy!!!!!
  6. ok, this was the second letter I had from them, suffice to say that it was received by me well over the alledged seven day threshhold that they allude to ***edit*** hang on did not realise it would come ut so small, ill have another go.... back in a tic
  7. Firstly Id like to say Hi to all and congrats to me on my first post Ive spent the last couple hours reading thru various threads on the forum, this forum is massive ent it? Ive learnt so much already Anyway I am currently being pursued by a DCA called Daniels Silverman over an alledged debt from an ISP I was with. They have sent a few letters now, and I have been ferociously ignoring them but after reading some of the stuff posted up on here I am wondering if one of the letters they have sent me is actually a bit naughty? I have copied it and scrubbed it for any identifying
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