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  1. There may well be other offers around with that sort of term to go by, but sadly it doesnt apply to BG. And yeah i totally agree that nobody should be allowed to state prices will not change because it is impossible to say whether they will or not, it is alright for people to advise you of future price changes though and given the current market the advice of capping your prices would have been sound advice. On a side note, have you heard from BG yet ?
  2. First of all the terms you quote are incorrect for BG's Fixed Price 2011 and what i mentioned earlier is taken straight from the T&C's of that actual tariff, and secondley the agent who promoted the tariff was accurate, at that point in 2008 the cost of gas went up by over 100% (half of which was passed onto customers with BG) and the prediction was that the cost would keep on going up through the whole of 2009, this thankfully didnt happen and now the cost is coming down people beleive they were miss-sold the tariff which is not the case at all, at the moment BG have lowered gas by 10%, y
  3. The actual problem could be that when you were with E.On they had you down as being on a credit meter but you were actually on a pay as you go meter, first of all contact them and ask what meter details they have. From there i would also ask what balance is on the account and where it came from becuase if it is a pay as you go meter you may well have somebodys else's debt on your hands which should be rightfully removed if so, either way get in touch with them asap and ask about the meter they have you down as first!
  4. Sounds a bit odd that, the original bill you received back in Jan 08 do you know what readings were used on this as it sounds odd that they simply dropped the bill, they must have changed some readings in order to produce a zero balance on your account. If this is the case its possible that because the end reading on your bill is an actual the start reading has been adjusted again this time (possibley by the previous occupier calling after receiving an amended bill) but you would have to check this on a bill. Unfortunatly because its an estimated start reading there isnt much they can do to am
  5. I would first check both final bills from BG to make sure the end readings are accurate and also confirm with EDF that they have the same readings. As for the final balance they can spread it over a certain period of time on an installement plan but it would depend on the type of person you speak to in collections as to how long they will allow you pay over.
  6. Because your technically cancelling a contract the charge is applied no matter what you choose to do, its £70 for gas and £30 for electric have you had a response yet ?
  7. When you were first offered the price protection till 2011 this was the best advice anyone could give you as the cost of gas & electric went up twice in 2008 and everyone predicted it would continue to go up so this wasnt falsh information at all. In regards to submitting a complaint this is probably the best thing i could advise you, most agents you speak to wont remove it (me included) as it still is a good tariff (this is depending on whether there is another price decrease or not) and you have entered a contract but the complaints team may look at the situation another way, hopefu
  8. It is true that they can only back bill you for 12months but im not sure when this policy came into effect as its an industry regulation not a BG policy I think you may have left it a little long though, 2002 is a bloody long time ago and with BG having changed there billing system meaning all the previous history of this problem is now archived which could add to the problem
  9. First of all complaining wont really get you far trust me, you used the gas & electric therefore you have to pay for the service provided, thats all you'll get told. In regards to setting some arrangement on the account it really does depend who you get through to in the end as everyone will view your situation differently, all agents have the ability to lock an account stopping debt correspondance going out and they also have the ability to purge calls to your telephone number but again this depends who you speak to. Personally id advise to call them, setup a mag card payment pl
  10. as mrsfoot stated just goto energywatch and stop wasting your time sending mail to BG which will only delay the complaint longer, the changes within BG regarding OFGEM/ENERGYWATCH complaints means that when either of those 2 contact BG beleive me they will bend over backwards to settle the complaint in regards to the result of the complaint i dont know what the outcome would be but you have a fair point from i what can see having read your original post
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