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  1. yes i think that will be the case for me. i am trying to be possitive about the partial settlement but not expecting to get the required and requested wording in a letter.
  2. sorry throw my money....i dont have any, someone elses money!
  3. thanks to all for responces but i dont think anyone is listening to me. I WILL NOT PAY A PENNY UNLESS I GET IT IN WRITING THAT MBNA NOR ANY THIRD PARTY WILL NOW OR EVER CHASE THE REMAINING BALANCE. i have previously said twice that i will be on the phone on monday to request this. i am being naive i am not just going to though the money at them.
  4. oh and to put the record straight i am in debt that totals £32k and am currently unemployed.
  5. i am not pro bank........i do not work for mbna! i think its more the case of people wanting to get off scot free and not wanting to pay a penny. i however have a little bit of of self respect and i did spend the money so believe i sounld try and pay a little back. 12k less than what i owe. the person i contacted works for the fraud dept in mbna. i there is no way she would lead me down the garden path. and still people are having a go at me but not 1 person has been able to prove the aftermath of a partial settlement. this i would love to see then this WOULD totaly change
  6. my friend, being in a possitinn that is not very nice, i am trying to do what i can to rectify the problem. i posted the message i got, i was not written by me. i personaly dont care what is written on my credit record as long as i wont be persued for the remaining balance. now when you say '(which has proven to be correct)' where is the proof? i have not read 1 post that has had someone chasing them after making a partial settlement. as for people saying no one has ever taken the bait then i think that is rubish. if anyone had had that problem dont you think they would be on he
  7. ok, an update. i dont know why i didnt think of this before! my best mates sister works in chester mbna so i contacted her. this is the reply i had: I have checked with my friend who used to work in the customer assistance department and she has said it will be a final settlement. It is called partial because you are only paying off part of the debt and not all of it. Rather than MBNA having to write off the whole debt-they will agree to settle for part of it as some recovered money is better than none. I presume you have had to do an income expenditure form etc for them to w
  8. no its not a dd from my bank account. well got the letter today......was mighty quick!!!only requested it yesterday afternoon!!!! and drum roll..........not good enough!!! no need to post it up i know already!! so back on the dog and bone on monday morning!
  9. yes did that in december. they froze the interest and took the £1 monthly payment. i have not been paying for 7 months now. i didnt request the settlement.
  10. my monthly payment is at the end of the month,if not paid it will be sold on. can i put them off requesting cca?
  11. just saw these...... had a Short Settlement with MBNA a few years back. They settled around £5k on a CC debt of £12k and the letter stated that they wouldn't take any further action to recover, and they haven't - yet. I'm sure they won't as it seems likely that any action to recover after such a letter would be viewed dimly by a judge. They also said they would register it as a partial settlement on my CRF, but as they had the wrong address it didn't matter and I've subsequently obtained further credit - and screwed it up again. my sister recently did a short s
  12. *i am now waiting for the letter of conformation. i was told time and time again on the phone that the account would be closed and neither mbna or and dca would chase the balance...the acount would be satisfied and closed. should i in future try to record my conversations?????
  13. well the best thing is to wait and see the letter i get. but i am yet to find any posts that have had problems after. if anyone has read anything please post
  14. also i would never beleive that a company would write off the account as full and final when they have only had 25% back?? has this ever happened to anyone?
  15. i am just trying to do whats best. i am in a hole that i want to get out of. maybe i am trying too hard to be possitive. but i would like to see some feedback from someone who has done the partial settlement to see what happens after. dont you think that is a good idea? have you read any posts regarding the above. i much appriciate your help. dont get annoyed with me!
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