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  1. If your within 28 days you should be able to exchange it for a handset that is available on the same tariff that you are on. You could certainly argue the point that its false advertising but not sure how far that would get you with Carphone Warehouse as I doubt that sony ericsson have a different box which doesnt have the you tube ready bit on it, and they can only stock what they are sent. But you would think that it would give you some leverage in regards to getting a different phone if you were going to exchange it. Good luck with getting it sorted, I know how difficult the stores can make it at times.
  2. Hi Steve Is the Vivaz an upgrade or a new contract? If its a new contract carphone warehouse should be able to return it fully as long as its within 14 days of you purchasing it. The store shouldnt be telling you that they wont return it as its their policy to return it as long as it was brought to them within 14 days, if they do try and tell you they will keep swapping it for the same model of phone just be firm and tell them that according to their policy you can return it fully. I can only think Sony Ericsson Vivazs that are branded Orange for example may have the right software to run youtube whilst the unbranded ones may not have it. Not sure how they could get around the whole advertising it on the box but I guess they are just hoping people will be patient for a software update.
  3. Just thinking, you said you recieved a text saying your contract had been lowered, are you on o2cpw? Have you asked which tariff you are on at the moment? If so is it the same tariff you were on previously? The only reason I ask is they may have listened into your call and reveresed the upgrade already. Just a random thought. Speaking to the disconnection team probably wont lead to too much if your contract has a long time left on it (if the upgrade was done in november your probably looking at having around 19 months left) so they will ask you to pay for a cessation fee as they are literally there to process disconnections and try to "save" customers that are looking to leave. The best bet is to call up and ask to speak to their fanatical support or the sales escalation (sales escaltion are a part of fanatical support) department in relation to an escalation. Dont settle for them arranging a call back again and the fanatical support department should be able to clear everything up for you.
  4. The store should be able to produce a large font T&C for you, or you could call cust support and they could send out the T&C in the post. I think they may also be on the website it depends on what network you are on. Just to clarify, you used up your minutes plus the £50 limit that was on the account? If that is the case then you would have to pay to bring your outstanding charges under the limit so they can remove a bar from your account. The limit is put in place to protect the network from people over spending and not paying back the bill so not sure if it would have to be mentioned in the contract. Although im pretty sure it will say something on their in regards a situation where they may put restrictions on your account. Is your contract with talk mobile/fresh mobile or with o2cpw?
  5. It may be worth calling Carphone warehouse and asking to speak to their sales escalation team as it seems that is the department that is looking into the sales call. They should of by now have listened into the call and should be able to reverse the upgrade/downgrade for you. Are you on o2CPW? If so it shouldnt take too much for them to be able to reverse the upgrade. Just thinking that it may be easier to call up first and try that route before sending off for a SAR and having to pay £10 and wait for their reply.
  6. Good point is it classed as a service agreement? Do you know if there would be a way of getting them to produce a copy of this? I appreciate if this was carried out over the phone there wouldnt be a signed agreement but the would surely have a log of the sale....just a thought
  7. Thank you so much I will pass it on to him tommorow morning
  8. My brother currently has a debt of around £250 with orange, they have passed the debt onto moorcroft who have demanded £500 from him. He has sent a CCA request with £1 and was sent a response telling him that they could not carry out the request as the legislation he quoted did not apply to the situation. (I have not had a chance to see which letter he sent as of yet because hes the other side of the country at the moment). My 1st question is: can a DCA add on such a huge fee to an existing debt? My 2nd question is: it up to the DCA to show how they have come up to that figure? My brother has asked for them to explain how they have come up with that figure and they have told him they dont have to tell him! If anyone can give me some advise in regards to these 2 question so I can pass it on that would be ace.
  9. Obviously its not always going to apply, if like you said the network coverage is rubbish then that would be something you wouldnt know unless you put the sim in. Also some networks, im thinking o2 and possibly vodafone have a 14 day return on contract phones regardless of if you have used it. You just have to pay for the usage that you have built up before returning it.
  10. Yeah you can certainly ask for a POD another way of doing it is phoning CPW customer support and asking if they can get the POD from DHL and then go into a CPW store with some form of ID with a signature on so the store can fax it to the person you spoke to in customer support so they can compare the signatures and then forward that information to DHL if there is a difference in signatures. This would probably be quicker than writing to CPW as it would achieve the same result but will save on time and hassle of waiting for the post. You could alternatively speak to DHL customer services to get a POD from them as they are the company that are claiming that the parcel was delivered, so it would be up to them to prove that it was. CPW can only go on what DHL have told them so if the driver gives misinformation to the people carrying out the enquiry then that could affect how much CPW would be able to do for you. You can go to the police as if DHL are saying its delivered and you dont have it then its theft. As far as the company that have sent it are concerned you have recieved it (aswell as the network provider) so if you are not in possesion of it then you can rightly argue that it was stolen. Personally I would speak to CPW customer services because if they do find out that the signatures dont match they can claim the price of the phone against the courier in question and send you out a new one.
  11. Hope you managed to sort everything out with getting your phone. The issue CPW have is that they can only go on what DHL have told them, they would have already launched an enquiry by the sounds of it, they dont usually say they will call back unless there waiting on a response from a DHL investigation. The only thing you can do is report it to the police because CPW can only go on what they are told by DHL and if DHL are saying that the phone has been delivered and that they have spoken to the driver to clarify delivery details then in the eyes of CPW the phone has been delivered to the correct person. The only issue you will have at the moment is if you wanted another investigation carried out with DHL it wont be possible as DHL can only investigate deliveries in the last 30 days as they have to rely on the drivers memories remembering most of the details. Hopefully all this would be redundant and you have got your phone somehow by now
  12. Carphone warehouse stores are given instructions from the networks in regards to returns but at the same time rarely acknowledge they do. So if you are told by the store you cant return it its because the network has told the store they cant. But when you phone up the network directly they will without fail always say that they cant see why theres a problem with returning it and tell you to go to carphone warehouse to return it. If you have broken the sim card out of its little credit card thing, then that is an acceptance of the contract and you will not be able to return it after that, unless it was faulty of course. I think it was mentioned earlier but the 14 days return policy is only guaranteed when you purchase something through distance selling, for example over the phone or on the web. Hope that clears everything up.
  13. Bit of a long story so apologies in advance. I claimed for unlawful bank charges earlier this year stating that I was in hardship and I was told that I was not in hardship due to the bank charges so my request had been refused. At the same time this was going on my overdraft had gone over its agreed limit after a cheuqe I put in for £1000 bounced and the charges I was expecting meant that I went over my agreed limit. This led to them saying that they were going to cancel the overdraft, I informed them that I was pursuing my bank charges and they said they would wait until my claim had been processed before pursuing it further. I ended up getting 2 letters on the same day 1 saying that id been refused a refund of charges and that my overdraft had been withdrawn. At that time I was still a student but I had finished my course and was waiting to graduate so couldnt claim jobseekers so had no income as I was having no luck in the job market. I tried to make arrangements in regards to paying back the overdraft but was not able to keep to the arrangements as I was barely getting by and the money I had went on food. I eventually signed on for jobseekers after graduating and contacted CCCS about my debt problem and they drafted a letter to send to my creditors aswell as a budget that went off what I would have each month (just under £200) I sent a letter explaining my situation and an offer of £1 token payment a month until I was in a better financial situation and a budget too KPS (I think thats what their called) in regards to my overdraft as it had been defaulted and passed on to them. I got a letter back yesterday saying they had refused my offer of token payments and needed to contact them. I really dont know what they expect from me, on the plus side I am starting a new job in the new year so will have money then but I have a feeling that nationwide wont be keen on waiting over a month for the first payment. If anyone can give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated because I am proper stuck at the mo.
  14. Cheers guys just wondering really, never really thought about it before. As soon as I posted the thread I read my booklet and saw that it said in arrears. Hopefully wont be on job seekers long enough to get my 2nd payment
  15. I was just wondering if Jobseekers is paid for the next 2 weeks or the 2 weeks that have just passed. The reason I ask is because I applied for jobseekers on the 22/10/09 and didnt sign on for the first time till the 3/11/09 and today I was expecting to get the jobseekers that covered the days between the 22nd and the 3rd plus the next 2 weeks of benifits to last me till my next sign on date of the 17/11/09 Or have I got the wrong end of the stick and the payment from signing on the 3rd is benifits for the time between me applying and my first sign on? This isnt the first time iv signed on before but the first time I signed on there was a 8 week delay whilst they hamfisted their way around my application so never gave it much thought as to what weeks the benifits cover. Any help would be appreciated.
  16. Thanks Mikey im now looking at getting a Professional and Career Development loan to help cover the cost.
  17. Cheers Mikey had a look but its not quite the right thing but cheers dude
  18. Just an enquiry really, Iv recently started claiming jobseekers for the second time and im now thinking that I would like to go into mediation, but im not sure if there is any help I could get into covering the costs of the training. The websites are like a labrynith to negotiate and I couldnt find a section about training on the jobcentre plus or direct gov websites so thought it was best to pitch my question to the trusty CAG forum. Any help would be appreciated.
  19. I decided to leave my job last thursday after speaking to my manager and finding out how the pay is calculated. Apparently they charged me £100 a week for the desk and equipment and then paid it back to me each week as expenses plus any commision I had gained for that week. I ended up with more questions than answers so thought it was best to just call it a day....back on jobseekers I go, a little wiser and a little more jaded :/
  20. So do you think its best just to speak to my boss and let them know that I know that im legally classed as employed and that im owed wages?
  21. I spoke to a lawyer who told me I am employed so will have to confront my employer about this. Anyone have any suggestions about how i should do this because I dont want to be pushy but not a push over at the same time.
  22. I contacted HMRC in regards to my employment status earlier through their website and will hear off them in a few days so will wait and see what they say and take it from there. In regards to working elsewhere I know someone works weekends somewhere else but that doesnt clash with working where I work as we work during the week, and im not really sure about asking to many questions of my employer at the mo as I have only been working for them for a couple of weeks and dont want to risk upsetting them and then them letting me go, so I'll just wait and see what HMRC say first.
  23. Just a quick update, I phoned HMRC and registered myself as self employed. Going to get more information in the post soon. Was also told to ask my boss about my employment status.
  24. Im pretty sure minimum wage doesnt come into play because im self employed....no they not asked for my UTR yet is that something they have to do? Il get on getting an accounts ledger next time i get paid, dont want to leave it too late. When it comes to informing HMRC does that have to be in writing or can I do it over the phone? Thanks for the advice, I really should of read up some more before accepting the job but I think im getting my head around it now.
  25. Iv got to sort out my own tax and national insurance, but I only found this out after asking co workers, would of thought they would of mentioned it when i went for the interview or training day....doesnt seem like the best run place in the world im still waiting on 2 pay slips aswell. Cheers for the info il read up on it a little more.
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