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  1. Hi, have you got an update about Hitachi, Im in the same position were they wont default my account but they haven't sold it on yet.
  2. I would like some advice please. I am self managing my debts due to reduced income caused by marriage separation. I am wanting to apply for a remortgage and have been told to wait until September which is when defaulted accounts will be 6 months old. One of the debts has refused to default the account. I have paid them reduced payments from July/August 2019 but stopped paying them from February 2020 to see if they would default account. The account on 3 CRA’s is marked as disputed, delinquent & unknown. Can anyone advise what I should do? Should I hope they will default account but then wait 6 months after before applying for mortgage or start snowballing account? I have put a complaint into the FOS due to non-default of account. Any advice would be great!
  3. Hi, have you got an update about Hitachi, Im in the same posiiton were they wont default my account but they havent sold it on yet. 

  4. I did, I sent a copy of both letters - thanks
  5. I have wrote to the chap who's name was on the bottom of the first letter stating they wouldn't be persuing, asking him what is happening. Thanks for your reply.
  6. I received a letter from shop direct to say they will not be persuing the money owed on the account (they couldn't provide signed credit aggreement). The day after I received a letter from the same address saying they want me to pay the full amount by May! Don't know what's going on, has this happened to anyone else?
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