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  1. Does anyone make regular payments to overseas relatives using the MoneyGram On-Line service? If, like me, you do then you may not be aware that for every transaction that goes from the UK via their clearance agency in Ireland, MoneyGram first puts through a transaction for £1.37 presumably to 'validate' the debit/credit card being used. If this transaction is cleared by the card operator, the actual transaction is then put forward for clearance. Six times in the last three months I have had transactions blocked by the card operator who sees the sequence as a possible fraud operation. Appare
  2. I have already recovered penalty charges from this bank and after a 12 month fight aided by FOS I have recovered the non-existant PPI on this loan. Maybe that is why they have chosen to 'play' with me in this matter. However, I fear it is really just a case of non-communication between one set of zombies and another.Once sharkly always sharkly, if you get my drift.Had I not missed the March installment, it would have been paid off by now and whether or not they default me is of no great consequence to me. As a result of their actions back in 2007 my credit rating is shot to hell anyway, but I
  3. I missed a payment on a loan from an infamours bank. One week later I wrote offering a revised repament plan which was accepted immediately. I have made all the due payments in accordance with the new arrangement. A section of the bank seems to be unaware fo this since they keep mailing 'Arrears' letters based on the original payment regime, and their latest threatens a 'Default Notice' if I don't pay these arrears. Can they legally do this with an agreed repayment plan in place ? They have ignored all my protest letters so far. Luckysandpiper
  4. I am in a similar position to you in that I found out in March that I could no longer keep up the installments on a loan I have with them. As soon as I found out I wrote outlining the problem and offered to pay at a little over 50% of the previous rate. I had their acceptance IN WRITING at the beginning of April with a new repayment schedule. HOWEVER, the day after the missed payment I started to receive telephone calls, initially from 0845 numbers all attributed to Barclays Bank. At the and of March I stopped getting these and assumed all was well, but shortly after the first new installme
  5. Re: Continuous card authorities. You are correct - they are VERY difficult to cancel. You need to be able to give your bank copies of any WRITTEN information that you have cancelling the transaction with the supplier concerned. I suffered this problem when my card details were 'leaked' to some iffy websites overseas who used a different name each month for the transactions. It took me six months to convince my bank to refuse to honour the debits. AND NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, EVER PAY A DCA BY DIRECT DEBIT. LSP
  6. Not quite true Brokebutnotbeatn, my question was NOT what should I do, I have had a few years' practise at doing that - courtesy of CAG.My question was What Should I Expect Next from this DCA? How big will be the 'bruiser' that rings my doorbell to 'persuade' me to settle up, or do they just make idle threats ? This was the crux of my question aimed at anyone with experience of dealing with this particular DCA. LSP
  7. Given that I have already done a CCA request complete with £1 PO on 1st Credit, which brought to light only the 'invitation' application form for a visa card, which is why the account is in dispute, surely the preferred option would be to 'enlighten' the Lewis Group and inform them of a gross breach of OFT guidelines. While the account is in dispute, 1st Credit have no business in passing it on to another DCA for enforcement. LSP
  8. I'm not quite sure of the relevance of that, Brigadier - I defaulted on this debt with Barclaycard back in 2008 and that's on my file along with four other defaults from the same peroid. Three of those are now sorted leaving this one and one other, also in dispute over paperwork. What I was trying to ascertain was whether they have any 'tactical signature'. Telephone harrassment using automated calling is the first MO to surface, and I survived some three months of that with Mercers a few years ago.LSP
  9. For the first time ever, I have received a dozen phone calls in the last few days which Google tells me come from the Lewis Group (a DCA). They seem to be chasing a debt for 1st Credit, who in turn bought it from Barclaycard way back in 2008.My last contact with 1st Credit was back in 2009, when they failed to produce a copy of the signed agreement with Barclaycard, supplying only a copy of the application form instead.The Lewis Group are talking of sending someone to see me looking for 'full settlement' of this 'seriously overdue account'.It would seem that 1st Credit are now slipping back i
  10. I 've just had a call from this number and they called themselves PENTAGON UK which Google tells me is a debt management company. LSP
  11. I fully agree with you, VictoriaHeather, I think that my thread has run its course. It has made people think, and provoked many opinions, but now is the time to get on with fighting these DCA bullies. Thank you everyone. LSP
  12. As the one who started this thread back in the year dot (it seems like), it has been interesting to see the different reactions of CAG members.I confess here & now to being a 'won't pay' - why ?, because I am not prepared to be bullied, and I am not prepared to accept the right of a DCA, that has 'bought' my debt from the OC, to collect it from me without some documentary evidence of that right.Show me the agreement, and I'll pay up to the best of my ability. It is that simple. Start to threaten me, and I'll see you in court and plead abject poverty.LSP
  13. PGH7447 - I am willing to bet that I could name the Bank or affiliate, and the DCA concerned from what you have written. I am glad to hear that you still managed to get a mortgage and credit. I have obtained (but not needed) credit WITH A PROPERLY EXECUTED AGREEMENT of which I have a copy, but was turned down by my new bank for a £50 increase in my overdraft.One can only relate one's own experiences. LSP
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