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  1. Hi G2M No not really. I decided not to offer a F&F settlement as i came to the conclusion that if i did make an offer, barclaycard could use it against me by saying i was acknowledging the debt and not disputing it by doing so.
  2. Hi all been a while sinve i've been on cag but thought i'd do an update as today i received a letter from my favourite credit card company:rolleyes: First of all i'll go back to april when i received a post card from Allied International Credit (UK) Ltd demanding payment. In response i sent them the account in dispute which they blatantly ignored and sent me a follow up letter offering a one off full and final payment, or submit a down payment and pay the remaining debt off per month. Of course i declined on both offers. After not hearing anything for a couple months i then rec
  3. Hi rockwell, I myself and many others on this site have had mercers driving us crazy with their constant harassment my telephone. With my own personal experience last year, they hounded me for about six months and they basically don't listen to anything you tell them (by letter). I eventually got past caring and ignored all their threats as i knew they couldn't do anything anyway as barclaycard only supplied me with their t&c's in reply to my cca request. Eventually they'll probably pass your acoount to calder financial which like mercers are barclaycards in house debt collector
  4. Hi just an update here, After my last post on this thread i did manage to put a letter together with some research from both this and another consumer site and sent it off to debt managers. Today i had a reply from them stating they had closed their file and sent it back to barclycard, result:D Just got to wait and see whether barclaycard bother to sell the other account to a dca or not, as surely they can see they wont get get anywhere by pursuing it uless they come up with an enforecable agreement but hey who knows what any of these banks think. jet
  5. Hi silverfox thanks for your reply, yes it was sent recorded so i'll wait to see what happens next, thanks again jet
  6. Hi, I'm seeking advice on behalf of my dad regarding global debt recovery. At the beginning of this month my dad received a letter from this dca stating that he owed £55.84 to Readers Digest. He ignored this letter as he had no knowledge of any such debt being owed to Readers Digest but he then received a follow up letter saying they had, had authority from their client to proceed with litigation. He then told me about this problem and i then gave him the letter from this sites debt collection library to send them saying he had no knowledge of the debt they are demanding. Then on
  7. Hi all, Today i received the letter below from Debt Managers Ltd. On referring to letter of 19/2/10 to our client they have advised us that they have discharged their obligation under section 78 by the issue of documentation already sent to you. We enclose copies of letters issued on 26/5/09 and 10/8/09. Please let us have your proposals for payment as the account still remains outstanding and will appear as such on your credit file. Should i send a follow up letter and make a complaint to the oft, fos and so on, or ignor it and wait for their next move? Thanks in advance,
  8. Hi dun wi debtin That sounds exactly the same letter i received today! The letter cerberus suggested is pretty much the same as the one i'm going to send and from previous experiences it works, before you know it they will close their file on you and send the a/c back to the original creditor. Good luck, jet
  9. Hi all Well Barclaycard have finally sold my a/c to a dca called debt managers ltd, looks like digging out the 'bemused' letter again
  10. Thanks sunflower for replying to hussy's request from me, i've been busy working away and not had chance to do it for him. Hope this letter works for you as it did for me and send these morons on their merry way:D
  11. Hi Hussy 786 I'm sorry to hear your feeling the way you do at the moment but please try and stop worrying so much as i agree with everything exchange said before me. I really do believe they are bluffing like they did me because unless they have sent you with another so called agreement since the application form they originally sent (which you said was like the one i received in post 8 of this thread), there really isn't much they can do to enforce the debt. You must stop talking to them over the phone and send all correspondence by post and recorded delivery, otherwise they will th
  12. Hi, just an update that i received a leter from Robinson Way saying they had closed their file on the a/c and returned it marbles. Just got to wait now and see which other dca will take it on.
  13. Hi Geoffrey, I haven't heard anything else from Blair, Oliver and Scott but i did receive a letter from Robinson Way about two weeks ago stating the following. ''We refer to the above account, which you have disputed or queried with us. We are sorry but we are still awaiting a response from the client concerned. We will let you know the outcome as soon as we receive the relevent details'' I think they'll be waiting a long time as marbles already admitted to not having the original agreement last may, although knowing my luck they'll probably bloody find it:rolleyes: I
  14. Hi Calders/Mercers are both Barclaycard so sending account in dispute letter wont do much good i'm sorry to say, only really comes to use when its sold to a dca who then start demanding payment.
  15. Hi hornigoldfamily, Mercers are indeed Barclaycard's in house debt collection and are a right pain in the backside as i have experienced myself last year. You must stop talking to them over the phone any correspondence should be sent by post preferably by recoded delivery to leave a paper trail. I know what its like to have constant phone calls night and day from these idiots, it drives you bloody mad but thats why they do it hoping you'll crack and give in to their bully boy tactics and pay up. After seeing it on a thread what i started doing everytime they phoned me was, ans
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