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  1. Is the small claims court the right place to go? Ive been doing some reading here: http://www.adviceguide.org.uk/england/law_e/law_legal_system_e/law_taking_legal_action_e/small_claims.htm and the small claims court seems to be for financial disputes. I dont want any money from Vodafone, I just want them to remove the default from my credit report because I dont think its fair.
  2. I noted in another thread that you can escalate issues to Guy Laurence, the UK CEO for Vodafone. So thats what I've done. *Waits with baited breath*
  3. Those were my thoughts as well 2Grumpy, but Im presuming there is little or nothing else I can do now other than add a notice of correction to my report. I wonder if its worth seeking some sort of legal counsel?
  4. Lee, Im interested in the outcome of this case. Has Lorna had her default lifted?
  5. Well thats that I guess. After a few calls with Lee he has got back to me with the message from his Quality Assurance team that they wont be removing the default because the letter they sent me in October had my account number on, regardless of the phone calls I made to pay. He also said that I missed three payments running up to that letter being sent. I thought I was on top of those payments and received no letters from them about it. Equally, my credit report does not reflect the fact that I missed those payments. The first missed payment on my credit report was the October pay
  6. Hi Lee, My meeting has moved to 3-4 so am available now or anytime after 4. Kind regards Dil
  7. Thank you Lee. I will be in a meeting between 2-3 but will be available anytime after that. Kind Regards Dil
  8. Lee, Ive just received a letter from Vodafone informing me that I have paid my bill twice and that I am now £849 in credit with you. This whole situation is getting ridiculous now and I really am losing patience with it. Can you please call me to discuss this. Many thanks Dil
  9. Hi Lee, Ive just received an email telling me that my latest bill is now available online despite all three of my lines being cancelled and every penny I owe being paid! Please can you look into this for me as I am unable to log in online (presumably because I am no longer a customer?) Regards Dil
  10. Hi Lee, Thank you for your PM. Unfortunately I am not able to send PMs as I have not made 30 posts yet (a little tempted to post some dummy posts in here!). Completely understand why you cant call today. Im available all day monday if you could call me then? Kind Regards Dil
  11. Thanks Lee. Can you give me a call please? You asked in your email when would be convenient and I replied but have not heard back yet. I can take a call from you whenever you want. Kind Regards Dil
  12. Thank you for the reply Locutus. I'll be sure to contact their web relations team and ask for help. Kind regards Dil
  13. Hi there, Im hoping to get some help with a Vodafone default Ive just received as I dont think its fair and Im not sure how to proceed. This is the sequence of events so far: September 2012, I opted to change my provider from Vodafone to Orange, as my signal on Vodafone was poor and had been since I moved to my new house three years ago. At this point I had been a Vodafone customer without missing a payment for more than 8 years. I held three lines with them, 1 for my phone and 2 for mine and my wifes iPads. The iPads I wanted to keep active as they still had some time left t
  14. Does anyone have any guidance they can offer me on the above question? Is there something I can do about the fact that they are reporting incorrect information? Ive not heard from them yet but will be sending them a second letter shortly.
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