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  1. Thanks guys. This is great information and it feels great that there are actually still good people. I have already sent NatWest 3 letters saying that the default doesn't belong to me and to remove it but keep saying they are investigating. So I will sent 1 last letter using the above information. I am actually not that upset with NatWest as I feel they are in the business of making money regardless how which is why I stay away from banks. But experian is a different story as I feel they should be more responsible in protecting the public's interest. Yet they just take the bank'
  2. How do I start proceedings as I am clueless or should I consult a lawyer. I have suffered major damages as I run my own business and no one would open an account let alone give me credit. I am going to see my doctor very soon as I can't sleep with stress. I am really at the end of my tether.
  3. The default belongs to someone we share the same first name and birthday only. We have different surnames but according to them, that doesn't mean anything. Also, the address they had from that person and me are miles apart. The worst thing of all this is that I have my own business which is under my name and therefore this default is running my business. I am so stressed out that I am afraid that I may have a breakdown because of all this nonsense. I don't know what to do.....
  4. I can't believe they can get away with stuff like this. I thought they were meant to be responsible organisation.
  5. Hi guys, I have put a complain on 24th March to NatWest with regards to a default that doesn't belong to me. The default is on a current account but it is not me and I have raised this issue with them after experian told me to get in touch with NatWest. They just keep sending me a standard reply that says " we are still investigating". They send me this standard reply 3 times already. Can someone help as I don't know what else to do. Thanks in advance
  6. Thanks Dissiargent. You have no idea ho much it helps just talking to u. I haven't got a credit agreement with Natwest. Equiarse are saying that I must have one with them which is why Westcot has done a search on me and therefore they can remove the search from Westcot. Westcot is related to Natwest. They have done search for an outstanding debt on behalf of NatWest and I am trying to get it removed but equiarse are being too difficult. Thanks for the info. I will try and sent another letter asap.
  7. Hi Dissiargent. I hope you had a nice break. Still no good news. Natwest is still investigating and equifax is refusing to entertain any idea of removing the default. They just keep saying to get in touch with NatWest. Equifax also refused to remove a search Wescot done by saying they were searching on behalf of NatWest and as I had a credit agreement with NatWest this allows the debt collection agency to carry out searches to determine the current address of the debtor and the permission of the individual is deemed to have been given when signing the original credit agreement. Any s
  8. Does anyone have a template letter I can send to Experian asking them to remove lind addresses that have no association to me. They are a pain in the backside so I want to threat them with legal action as this is actually harming my credit report and my business. Somebody please help as I am getting really stressed out by all this.
  9. Dissiargent - How are you doing matey??? I have received a letter from NatWest and it goes "Thank you blah blah blah....and we are investigating the issues you have raised" They have given a 10 working days to provide me with response. As for the CRA, I still haven't heard from them and still waiting for a reply. I am sick of all this. I want to switch my business account but can't do as no one would touch me with a default on my credit report. I am at the end of my tether. Any advice???
  10. Dissiargent, do u have phone number for equifax and NarWest???
  11. Congras They gave up easily. Lets hope they do the same for me too. How did you do it and who did u contact at equifax. Once again, I'm happy for u. Enjoy yr freedoom.
  12. I still haven't received any reply from them but it looks like I have a long fight ahead me.
  13. The sample letter would be of great help. It seems that the only power I have is writting letters. Should name myself 'LetterMan'.
  14. 'Hooray' I have a We hate NatWest and equifax buddy. Dissiargent I have so much hatred towards equifax and Natwest. I can't believe they can play with people's lives and yet no one to stop them. I blame mostly equifax as they should have stopped Natwest putting a default. They didn't even bother check the details nor with me. I've sent off a strong worded letter to Natwest today and if their reply is not 'we r going to removed', I'll go and see a lawyer to sue their arses. Let me know how you get on. It's good to share with someone going through the samr experience.
  15. Thanks for the reply Dissiargent. I was kind of starting to feel unwelcome in this forum. It is on table 1 and they didn't ask for my consent. I can't believe that anyone can do a search on me without my consent and equifax will let them. It is suppose to be my data. Anyways, does anyone knw their address???
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