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  1. Hi All, I probably need advise from you regarding my dispute with Apple Corp. Yes it's the most profitable company in the planet. I'm starting a legal process (small claim court) using sales of goods act (soga). I've bought a macbook (very first version) in Mar 2008, and since then I've had many health and safety issues, such as cracks on the body, frying / melting of the magsafe, and many other issues. I've then threat to bring them to court, just formal complaints procedure (not small claim court yet) and they agreed to replace with the new macbook in Mar 2009. Then even
  2. Thanks rooster.. Will do that first thing tomorrow..
  3. Hi All, Thank you again2x for this wicked forum. I have sent the PAL and LBA to other bank like NatWest, hsbc and both of them reply and now in the process of MCOL. The one that worries me is the Barclays Bank, they did sent me the statements after S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) and one reply saying they know we are disappointing and bla2x. The one that puzzle me, how they simply could ignore!!, should I resent LBA again or call them and go for MCOL?. I work with insurance company and I know for sure FSA regulation on customer complains are serious. The only clue is whether they d
  4. Thank you mate, it's such relief now. I will probably continue for MCOL, let them run... I am always using a spreadsheet and recheck all the statements, hence I believe there is only one winner here, but with bank statement, we could make a mistake by identifying the charges, I wish I have all the statements in digital form. Thanks again.
  5. Hi all, I was away when I sent LBA letters to HSBC CA (Bournemouth), and CC on the 13 April, I just came back yesterday to my home (midlands) and I get all the reply and as usual they offer all the standing charges w/o interest!. Question2x.. please advise.. HSBC CA 1. The letter dated 18 April and I have got 10 days to reply to get about £867 without interest. Even the figure is slightly different than my claim on the spreadsheet. It was £950.50 plus + 140.19 interest. Should I ignore them and fill in for MCOL, and I am not sure is there hug backlog on the MCOL. How long it's g
  6. As we all know, these banks are just culprit, and it's my fault by not having a lots of savings and organise my account, but the charges is just hell, how's on earth everything is now fully computerised, they still claiming for 'manual intervention' and even after I sent hsbc S.A.R - (Subject Access Request), they did admit that there is manual intervention on the administration of some sort, of course things like data entry stuff.. common.. so after I calculate all bank charges here they're listed.. HSBC - £1066.96 NatWest - £724.85 HSBC CC ~ £500 Barclays ~ £1000 - £1500 (H
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