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  1. casbah You have to be really firm and absolutely know the law ( say you've spoken to shelter that flips them out) You're overcrowded under housing law so I don't get this . Still waiting to hear if the solicitors will take this on ,if not I will do it myself ,also got a group of residents together who are disgusted ,so they'll end up with an occupation of their offices if they don't rectify what they've done to me ( with our money of course !!!!) keep fighting Sarah
  2. Hi casbah Update for you , someone contacted me who saw my post on here .I've gone through all 3 stages of complaint , last stage was the chief executive and contacted my MP.Council is late with freedom of information realease already. The only step left ( as I regard the govt ombudsman as a toothless tiger ) is to take them to court under benefit and housing law, in addition to personal injury ( I've been told I can't take them to court under disability discrimination due to Malcom v Lewisham case law) I'm waiting to hear if the firm of solicitors can take my case. I will keep all updated.
  3. Hello Sometimes bailiffs get angry if they realise that you know your rights.Two tried to force entry by pushing me over ( they didn't get in) I called the police and they arrested the bailiffs .BTW these were court appointed bailiffs,madness utter madness. Don't be afraid that's what they want.
  4. Dear all If you'd told me what has happened to me over the last 4 years ,I could not have believed that it could happen in this country. I was on chemotherapy and for the 1st time I claimed benefits . My local council failed to adminster both housing benifit and council tax benefit and I became homeless living in 1 room with 2 children.I asked for a home visit during my chemotherapy and they refused.The council at stage 2 of a complaint apologised and paid the back benefit 2 years later after ignoring my complaint for a year , however they failed to pay interest ( my mother a retired schoo
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