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  1. Hi all,


    I lost my job in December and have been struggling to pay my bills since then. Unfortunately i have been going over my o/d every couple of weeks. Last week they charged me 2x 35pounds for going overdrawn, the thing is, that i'm only getting jobseekers allowance every 2 weeks and it doesn't even cover my loan. As soon as my benefit comes in it gets taken by the charges. I have also been charged for going over again this week and the charges themselves keep making me overdrawn resulting in more charges. I went in to speak to them in my local Bank of Scotland and they couldn't care less.


    I was told by the job centre that it is illegal for them to take my benefit as it is for me to live on. I have credit cards that are maxed out and can't afoord to pay, but the benefit allowed me to pay something towards them and now i am totally stuck. I can't keep asking my family for money and i don't want them to know what a mess i'm in.


    If i had a job i could sort some of this out but i just cant seem to find any. Times are tough. It's all leaving me depressed.


    Can anyone offer me any advice?

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