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  1. already have debts , credit file will not be clear till 2020 regardless of the CCJ. we are not homeowners so no charge on property and don't really have valuables a bailiff can take. so it would not really affect anything regardless. just wondering what the cheapest way to go is , from the papers they have sent don't think we have a chance so maybe making a deal with them direct is best option
  2. I have just had another look through the credit agreement and noticed two different dates my partner signed on the 20/07/2007 but they signed it on the 04/08/2007 does this meaning anything ?? or am I just clutching at straws here . we at the point now where we might just ring them and make an offer of payment or are we best going to court getting a CCJ and then wait for the judge to tell us how much we need to pay monthly ect.
  3. the amount was worked out on a pro rata basis I think , she had other debts and it worked out 6.26 was what she could offer at the time. have you had a chance to look through the other paperwork ??? is the agreement enforceable ect ?? thanks KH41
  4. we have no proof of any payments she may or may not of made , and looking at there loan sheets there is no account umber showing to show where it came from so we cant check or say for deff
  5. it was 6.26 on 30/04/2016 so within the 6 years she was paying this amount after writing a letter to them asking for reduced payments
  6. SR4 was the itemised payments that were made , there was an entry for the 30th of april 2010 do you need this scanned up ?
  7. ill try again lol hope this worked Claimant WS.pdf
  8. Hi all I have attached some of the documents we have received from Lowell solicitors , I would be grateful if someone could have a look over them for us many thanks Kh41
  9. Good Afternoon guys Received letter of Lowell solicitors yesterday with Documents enclosed and it looks like we may be sunk. appears she made a DD payment on the 30/10/2010 . copy of a default notice from welcome dated 07/04/2010 . a photocopy of the original credit agreement signed and dated by my partner and a letter informing us debt was sold to Lowell on the 30/08/2012. where does this leave us now ?? KH41
  10. we handed . all letters in advised to , as much as the judge was sympathetic to our case , he said he had two options to dismiss it or adjourn it , and after deliberating decided to adjourn it. we asked him to set it aside but his reasoning was if he did , other people would still come for us . and yes I meant cut off date . at this moment we do not know any dates , only going by what the solicitor said in court regarding when last payment was made , and when it was defaulted
  11. they judge said I would probably not be able to use the limitation's act as my defence as the new hearing would be before the cut odd date . I will scan and post what they send me when I have it
  12. Morning All Just back from court, where the case has been adjorned a new solicitor turned up, apparently they had only just taken over the case yesterday but had sent out documents to ourselves ( which we had not received yet ) and e-mailed the court which again they hadn't seen yet. they were saying we made a payment in april 2010 and the defult was from april 2010 also they have a copy of the default notice and the original credit agreement ( which again we have not seen yet. we asked the judge to strike out the case but he adjorned it instead but we did get £50 costs for wasted time. so very disappointed and very surprised that documents have finally surficed after all this time . any advice on the next step very welcome KH41
  13. as of Friday last week they had sent nothing to the court . as for changing the representation will be finding this in the morning when we ring the court, I have a letter ready to take to court on Friday from the thread you posted last week. so hopefully tomorrow the court will confirm they have heard nothing from bryan carter seeing as they have handed the claim. file ect back to Lowell
  14. Good evening guys ' court hearing is due Friday , will be ring the court in the morning to see if Bryan carter or Lowell's have informed them about account being returned to Lowell's . the day after we received the letter from Bryan Carter informing us of this , we received a letter of Lowell telling us the account was now being managed by Fredrickson International do we inform the judge of this on Friday and take both letters with us or just ignore it , we have not received anything from fredrickson yet. also the amount owed has gone up over £500 are they joking lol. many thanks KH41
  15. *** UPDATE *** Letter from Bryan carter today informing us they are no longer instructed in connection with this matter and have returned the account to their client ( Lowell Financial Limited ) so is this telling us they are not going to court lol. do we need to do anything now or just forget about it , court date was march 11th many thanks KH41
  16. Have just rung the court back they have submitted nothing they can see, but she says there is a back log still to be submitted to be logged onto the computer but she cant say what it is. if they have submitted something should I have not of had copies of this by now ??
  17. no like an idiot didn't think of that at the time
  18. Morning Guys just spoke to the court this morning, bryan carter have paid the hearing fee , does this mean they have a strong case ??? we have had nothing from them regarding the witness statement we have sent them so obviously my partner is getting very worried now thanks kh41
  19. fingers crossed for the 26th then they don't pay . then the court will inform me there is no case yes ?
  20. Update Good Evening Guys Firstly can I just thank everyone for there help with this Ok letter was sent to all parties on the 6th of February well within the 14 days before the deadline date of 11th of march as of yet I have had nothing back from bryan carter or Lowell but have checked with the court they have received my defence statement. Bryan Carter have until 26th of February to pay a £170 hearing fee so fingers crossed they have received the letter and decided its not worth persuing. if I hear nothing from any of them do I still have to go to court ?? many thanks KH41
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