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  1. yeah the o2 broadband is available, thanks for the help
  2. I want to open a phone line that is kind of cheap and have a ok calling plan, so which company should I go for. And is it better to open broadband with the same company or should I get the broadband from o2 (from what I heard is the best), since I need it for downloading and other stuff so I need it to be fast, reliable and unlimited. I live the UK Thanks
  3. would i be able to open a bt phone line, and put someone elses name in the contract but using my bank account to pay. and can I change the name of the person paying the bill after I opened the line for a month or two. and if I had a bt line and I opened broadband with O2, would I need to use my name for the contract or can i use somebody elses. thanks
  4. I want to open a phone line with bt, what document would I need btw I live in the uk thanks
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