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  1. Thanks for the response. The seller has agreed to refund the actual price paid. ie full price less trade in discount. However they are not able to return the traded in goods, so do they have to refund the full price.
  2. Hi Can someone let me know what my rights are for goods that received a trade in discount when purchased which are being returned due to not as described, where the traded in goods have been disposed of so can't be given back. Can I claim the trade in amount? Thanks
  3. Hi I've had major issues with the Techguys relating to my Pc. After numerous visits from engineers they decided to take the PC in to be looked at. We got the PC back with parts that had been removed just left loose in the case and basically everything disconnected. An engineer visited to put everything where it should be but the PC is now playing up big time!! I have written letters to their customers services at PO Box 1686 in Sheffiled but have not received any reponse, the latest one was to the manager/ess. Does anyone have any details of a more senior person w
  4. Thanks BeauBrummie These are hours that over and above the normal working week for the company but they are not paid at an enhanced rate like overtime. The normal thing that happens is that you take the time as extra time off and as I am due to be redundant soon I asked them what would be the best time for me to do it but I have been told that they are not going to allow me to do this.
  5. Does anyone know how TIL is treated in redundancy. The TIL I have has been authorized on the timekeeping system. Does the company have to let you take that time off before you are made redundant. If you haven't taken all you TIL at the point of leaving, do they have to pay you for that time. Thanks
  6. Thanks Elche, that makes things clearer, excellant advice. By the way, where are the scales I need to tip.
  7. Thanks Elche. I think my last post may have confused things. My query relates to the pool that I am in. It contains people from the old area and also those from the new area that was created to support a new product. The only people who can support the new product are the new people and those of us from the main area who supported it before the new people came in. Technically the new product requires the same skills that all the other products require, it`s only the product knowledge that sets it apart from the products supported in the main area. So, can they use diff
  8. Thanks for your response Elche. There are many redundancies being made in our department and there are multiple pools, a representative was appointed to represent all of the pools in meetings with management to agree selection criteria. I have seen my scores. I think the two roles probably could be seen as being objectively different as the new area was a newly created area for a new product. However I have worked in both the new and existing area and my overall technical skill level is higher than the new people due to the time I have worked at the company. Similar technic
  9. Hi I work in customer service role and have been recently told that I will be made redundant. I have a problem with the scoring and need some advice. The customer service department is made up if two areas. The first which is the main area, which covers nearly all of the companies products, is manned by people who have been in the company for a while and have loads of experience and have picked up a wide range of technical kwowledge over the years. The second area was newly formed about a year ago after acquisition to look after a separate product and after people from the
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