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  1. i didnt bother paying them had a bit of hassle with letters and the like but still didnt pay, not heard nowt for a few months , dont care really if i get a ccj , got no money so what the hell.
  2. did you get a copy of the credit agreement when you signed up ,if you didnt they are breaking the consumer credit act section 62 and 63 , i am also fighting them on this act and probably will go to court with this .
  3. i asked for the agreement and it took 8 weeks to arrive are there any time limits for there reply or can they take as long as they like?
  4. hi i joined virgin over a year ago the diamond one , when i wanted to end my agreement i told a member of staff at reception , i was told this would be ok and i left it at that , i wasnt told to put it in writing , a few weeks later i recieved a letter saying i was in arrears and to pay the arrears. i rang them and they asked if i had put it in writing i explained that the receptionist didnt advise me to do that . i got a second letter i rang again telling them i cant afford the payments because of financial difficulties they wanted proof of this i.e. a statement which i sent , they repied say
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