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  1. Hi i have had a CCJ registered against me. (By MBNA)This was due to waiting for a solicitors reviewing if my debt was unenforceable or not and i thought that they were dealing with the court order as well, as they asked me to send them a copy of it through the post. They have now offered to get the CCJ set aside for a fee of £495. However I would like to know if this is something I can do myself as £495 is out of the question. Help please Many thanks
  2. Hi Coactum did you complain to the financial ombudsman? thanks
  3. Hi jo I posted this question in this forum and wondered if you could give me some direction thanks http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/mbna/211595-where-do-i-go.html
  4. Hi From reading the note on the financial ombudsman it would seem that does not look to be a worthwhile route. Is the county court the only way to go now? Has someone been down this path? Some guidance would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Hi Gambler627 that is what I have done, however a late payment has been registered on my experian credit file. That is why I am not sure what to do now.
  6. Hi Meebroke Have you had a default registered aganist you as yet?
  7. Hi Scott Yes I did, with no reply to that letter Thanks
  8. I wrote to MBNA to request a copy of my credit agreement-No reply After 30 days I wrote to them to advise them the account was in dispute-No reply I then wrote to them asking them to cease processing my data and send me a statement of my account showing a balance of zero-No reply ,but started getting letters of breach of terms and conditions and phone calls on a daily basis. Sent a letter of harassment by telephone and a letter to the Data controller asking for them to stop processing my data. Have received a letter saying they are looking into the matter and will contact me by the 10t
  9. Hi Could someone tell me if these two loans are unenforcable http://photobucket.com/tescoabbey1 if they are what should I do now? thanks
  10. Hi Thanks for that please find link here http://photobucket.com/tescoabbey1
  11. Thanks, why do I keep seeing adverts encouraging people to take the banks to court?
  12. Hi thanks fot that, just to be clear it is better for me to continue paying the debt and get the default removed than go down the line of witholding payment? thanks
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