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  1. Nice One Lexis.. VG letter, well laid out and informs them. you know exactly how to handle them, they know from this letter, your not going to be a push over. i will definitly use this letter.. thanks again.
  2. Thanks Lexis for your reply, its good to hear were not alone, after around 6 months they tried to say the account was not in dispute. lol. we have always refused to speak to them on the telephone. they threatened to come to the door on a certain date, i informed them if they came to my door i would call the police, they never turned up. they send these letters from diffrent dca, to try and frighten you, all the dca, are in-house dca, as they are not allowed to sell the debt if the account is in dispute, i informed them this is easily solved,, produce the orginal signed cca, and i will pay th
  3. Hi all, not sure if this is the correct post, apologise if posted in wrong section.. i wanted to ask, my cca request from the BOS is now approching 12 months with no cca provided, around 7 months ago the only thing they sent out was a copy of an application form, which i informed them this was an application form, not a cca, we have had many letters over the 12 months from their in-house dca, "albion, oliver, etc, latest letter last week threating court action, wrote back informing them it is now 12 months since my cca request and they still have not privided it.. how long should th
  4. hi all,, a quick update,, recieved another letter from bos yesterday, its dated 29 sep 2009, the post must be running late, its 2 pages, here it is a couple of points before i ask for your help with what to do. Between this letter and the last letter they sent us, should i reply by pointing out every law they have broken? 1) starting with the last letter they sent, they state the reconstruction of the terms and conditions and the application form they sent is good enough to be a properly executed agreement... THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 1974 - Sections 77 and
  5. shadow on that link you provided i found this information,, this relates to the in formation the bos has stated in the letter, saying that the customer would have signed the agrement! Therefore it is misleading to state, when complying with a section 77 or 78 request, that the debtor has signed or would have signed (or similar) the enclosed agreement where the debtor has not done so. From 26 May 2008 such a statement will be a breach of the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 (CPRs). Regulation 5 of the CPRs states that a commercial practice is a misleading action
  6. thanks shadow, im just reading through the letters just now,,however straight away i can see "The copy of the executed agreement need not be an exact copy but it must be a ‘true copy’ and not some reconstruction of what the original might have been and it must contain the same terms as the original". and this is the very documents they have stated they have sent me.. how can they prove it an excact copy?,, do we just have to take their word for this? also how can they prove that my sister ever singed any agreement?, she signed an application form dated 1995, however this do
  7. Hi everyone,, as i mentione before bos reply was due on 6th oct 2009, as usual they have replied back well within this time limit,, can you's have a look and let me know your thoughts on this letter? on reading this letter, im not 100% sure, but are they not basically saying they do not have the properly executed agreement? also when you get down to the personal part of "i have found no previous record of this account being in dispute" you can obviously tell that bos are very unhappy and annoyed with our request, as obviously they cant produce the agreement.. and y
  8. thanks gary,, very good letter, it clearly states the current situation.. i did post up the documents they sent, but i left some private info on them and had to remove them.. we have not requested SAR yet. their reply to our last letter is due 6th Oct, and they have been prompt with their reply letters, so waiting for that.. they sent out terms and conditions, when we wrote back they then sent out application form, we wrote again, and they sent the same application form.. not sure if you seen the application form, but you are correct, it was visa then changed to mastercard,
  9. weldone gary,, you certainly have had a very good result with this,, hope our's go's the same,, were now 70 days still waiting for a true caa, they have sent everything except a true caa. David
  10. i can confirm from ourselves, your help and advice is very much appreciated, if it wasn't for this consumer forum, there would be no help available as due to our financial situation, solicitors fees are out of the question at this present time. so everyone who has helped and givin their advice. thank you very much.
  11. thanks for that. its a terrible thing to say, but reading through other peoples stories, its a comfort to know we are not on our own and other people are in the same position, i know that sound terrible but it real does help to know your not on your own.
  12. thanks. first of all, we have not requested a SAR yet, should i request one now? are they allowed to flog the debt to a dca if the account is in dispute?. their reply to our last letter is due 6th Oct 2009, so we will wait for their reply, and the follow your advice by starting the complaint at trading standard, and complain to bos, and oft, basically complain to anyone who is willing to listen? i would say at this point in time the judge sherrif route is upto bos if they wish to take action, at this time, i would say this is a simple straight forward case, by
  13. thanks for that, iv removed it now.. what do you make of the bos saying they were sending a representative to the house?? just to let you know, no rep turned up at the house..
  14. Hey guys, any chance of some feed back advice on this.. thanks
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