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  1. I asked them to stop messing me about with the pending re credit, and they agreed to send me a cheque for the £20. Credit where it's due, I got the cheque the next day, so a good outcome, if a rubbish system!
  2. I will do that if the credit has not gone on by the end of the month. If they won't issue a cheque, then I'll go to small claims.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I have now charged my card 12 times, and guess what? Yes, still NO £20 CREDIT! It is my money they have stolen, and I am so cross. I am going to have to go without gas from Monday because of their appaling system which apparently now has "No hard & fast rules" to quote an EDF cutomer 'help'team member. I also have to pay parking each time I go to pop on a pound, so it costs me £1.60 each time I go to put credit on. It is MADDENING! I have said I will give them until the 30th, and then I am afraid it will be an N1 through small claims at County Court. Out of i
  4. I have a new EDF pre payment gas metre, after the last one detected a 'reverse flow' problem and 'lost' £20 of gas overnight. EDF began very helpfully after changing the metre the same day, and telling me that the £20 which was on the old metre would be sent to my pay point, and after 2 or 3 times of charging my pre-payment card, the £20 would register onto my card and show in my metre. I have re-charged my card 6 times now, and no £20 has appeared. I phoned EDF, and a very nonplussed girl told me I had until the 30th Feb to reclaim the credit waiting for me by charging up my card. I
  5. I have EDF pre payment gas & electric. I use £25 per week electric (slowly approaching £30) and £10 per week gas (despite having only 1 small gas heater appliance.) But I think all in, £35 a week not bad for a 2 bed ground floor flat. Hope this gives you some guide as to what a 'normal' pre payment metre should be using.
  6. OK, a briefish history of my flight cancellation & subsequent application to easyJet for refunds, but my question is, what happens next? The court pages online are pretty vague! I would like to know if I have to do anything within any timelimits, or whether I now just leave things to the courts? Many Thanks! I am taking easyJet through small claims (form N1) because of a Malaga/Bristol cancellation on 18.12.09 My plane was cancelled with 8 hours notice due to staffing levels NOT bad weather (Although the weather did turn snowy later in the day, other airlines were still flying Malag
  7. The guy who comes to help us is my friend, NOT a partner, significant other etc... I would love to ask my housing benefit team, but they are refusing to tell me anything if I don't give them my name & address. I am scared of giving out this information incase I have done something wrong and they stop my benefits.
  8. I would have thought that the £40 a week rent would have been classed as income for yourself, and this may have complicated your claim for JSA. I cannot understand why you were advised to claim 'as a couple' when clearly you were not a couple. I have friends who live in a rented house, each has their own room, and both claim JSA and housing benefit in their own right. Perhaps your friend was given bad and misleading advice?
  9. I have searched high & low for an answer to a simple question! Are people on Housing Benefit allowed overnight 'guests'? I am a single Mum on IS, working a few hours a week to try desperately to make ends meet. Me & my 2 under 10s live in a privately rented flat, and get Housing Benefit. I have recently been really ill with a thyroid problem and a recurring illness causing pain. I have medication prescribed by the doctor, but cannot take it when I am alone with my children because it knocks me clean out. A friend has stayed over at my home a couple of nights a week so th
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