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  1. I am going to take professional advice on this. I've got a clean licence & I can afford a few bob to defend it. I'll let you know the outcome.
  2. Do you stay up much after 00:45? No. I don't either. Anyway, to the matter in hand, it was dark, it was raining, I can't say definitely what the light was. Case closed you'd think. Except there was a bus right in front of me. Professional drivers tend not to run lights. And that set of lights is know locally to be flaky. TBH I'll probably just put my hand up to this as I can't say for sure what the status of the light was. The balance of probabilites is that I did run a red light but thats not how the law works. You can't convict someone because "it seems likely". You need actual proof.
  3. I went through a light on a traffic light controlled roundabout. I was stopped by the traffic police and told that I had ran a red light because *their* light was green. They were waiting at the lights of the next junction of the roundabout. As far as I'm concerned that's an inference based on an assumption. If I'd been charged with a speeding offence they'd need to produce a calibration certificate for any equipment used to prove that charge. As far as I'm aware, traffic lights do not come with calibration certificates. Is this worth defending in court? At the moment I'm looking at 3 points & 60 pounds. I have no points on my licence. Thanks!
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