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  1. Good Morning ! Some advice needed please. Would be great to see what people think my next move should be. I bought a car in 2006 through BMW, financed by Blackhorse. In 2008 my mother died suddenly from cancer and as a result I had to support my father who himself was rather ill. I phoned Blackhorse and they suggested I voluntarily terminate the agreement. I did this and returned the form that they sent. I still have a copy of this. The company that collected the car were Nationwide Vehicle Collections and they provided a receipt upon collection, dated 20th December 2008.
  2. Thank you again for everyones help. I phoned them and set up a standing order for £100 which will pay the account off within 6 months ! You are all very helpful. thank you again
  3. Good morning again everyone ! Some advice would be great. In 2008 I handed back my car as part of the voluntary termination clause. Some 6 months ago I received a letter from Blackhorse asking for fee's relating to the car being repossessed. I did a SAR on them and received for the first time a copy of the credit agreement. Attached with this came a letter stating, "Therefore as you not made an arrangement to collect your vehicle to voluntary terminate your agreement and you had made no payment on your account we executed our right to repossess the vehicle and your car was
  4. Once again everyones help is amazing ! Consumeredge I phoned wrote to them and mentioned what you put and mentioned a few of the other snippets of help and low and behold the direct debit mandate has been set up again ! DONE ! Thank you again !
  5. The terms on the agreement were to pay by the 8th of every month, however, I moved it to the 20th so that it tied in with my payday ! I get paid on the 20th of every month unless it falls on the weekend, so I would then get paid the day after ! I did set up a direct debit for the 20th but thinking there may be a problem I cancelled it and paid manually this month ! My bank statement shows it as being paid. What are my options ?! speaking to them in the morning ?! speaking to the court ?!
  6. Hopefully someone can help me ! In October last year I agreed to a consent order with Howard Cohen, where I would pay £50 a month on a debt that had been reduced by a large amount. In the last six months I have paid on time by the date asked. However, yesterday I received a letter from Howard Cohen saying that I had failed to pay the debt and unless I pay by the 11th March they will enforce the judgement ! I believe I had a case to answer at court as no CCA and invalid default, however, I had just got married and save this hanging over me I agreed to the order ! Wh
  7. Hello again ! Well, I took your advice, con and have heard nothing ! I spoke to the court today and they said that despite everything the judge has decided to deal with everything on the day of the hearing as there is such a short time to the trial. As we are now going to a hearing I've been doing a lot of reading. Waksman (carey HSBC) seems to have moved the goalposts. The application form that they have sent me does have elements of S61 but the recon terms and cons can't be from the original date as they have my current address on them rather than the address I had in 1998 ! What
  8. THIS TEXT TAKEN FROM A POST BY DOCMAN - Can somebody explain to me how a High Court decision regarding S 78 (providing INFORMATION) can override the statute ( Ss 61, 65 and 127(3)) and also the House of Lords cases of Wilson v FCT and Diamond v Lovell ? The words of Lord Nicholls of Birkenhead were clear enough but I have highlighed the last sentence below: “28.….Section 61(1) sets out conditions which must be satisfied if a regulated agreement is to be treated as properly executed. One of these conditions, in para (a), is that the agreement must be in a prescribed form containing a
  9. Sorry Consumer Edge forgot to add the bit you asked about Hillsden ! Letter dated 25th august 2010, phone number 01280 845616 and address, buckingham Road, Brackley, Northants, NN13 7DN:-)
  10. Hello. Consumer Edge I'm so sorry for not replying sooner. My other on-going problem with Barclays Bank taking £2228 from my account in a right to set off dispute meant that until I got paid today I couldn't pay for my broadband. Anyway, the ombudsman is dealing with Barclays and I'm hoping for some positive news shortly ! Anyway, back to this. Statement received from CL Finance on the 20th September. 20 days late. Phoned the court (CPR department) and they have confirmed after several checks that they have received nothing. The order, when judgement was set aside, stated that both
  11. Hello consumeredge ! The court date is 8th October 2010 at Southampton County Court. 1030am. Although Hillesden Securities have said they are trying to obtain a certified copy of the original credit agreement ! Do you think CL Finance have thought, "If we sell this before we go to court then Hillesden can pick up the pieces" ? Should I phone/write to Hillesden at let them know ? Should I write to the court ?
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