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  1. BLONDMUSIC. I had absolutely no intentions of insulting you.It never entered my mind, why would it.? I was just trying to get over a different perspective of the.film.When we feel strongly about an issue sometimes we cannn havve tunnel vision and objectivity can go out the window. Did i at ant time criticize your performance , no .On the contrary i agreed with LEFTY. It was because you were so good that made it all the more effective. Leftys arguement puzzles me in as much as again i was stating the obvious. It would be an indisputed fact that between 8pm and 9pm both BBC and ITV would have
  3. PS I am working under severe pressure here as i have a very old computer and if don't send off promply itthe message disappear so please excuse the spelling mistakes padre.
  4. Lefty, You asked for the debate i was only trying to open one up as no one else was. Of course they would manipulate you NIKKI , that's what they do never the less i agree with Lefty that you were very good it's just that one could look at that 20/30 second segment of film and could take a different view of it.Again of course the Co didnt come out of it very well but as i knew that this was on going thanks to plumberjon and clemma's boob i thought their would be something more substantial on it Even after going undercover .Mind you although criticised the saled assistant did get over the fact
  5. Well LEFTY the debate hasn't marerialized, which again hasn't surprised me This was a damp squib. Our customer base don'y on the whole watch c4 not when Corrie/Eastender/Corrie is on.WHICH BY THE WAY IS A GOOD JOB BECAUSE I JUST WATCHED A 20/30 SEGMENTOF FILM THAT WAS ADVERTISING PURE GOLD. I am talking about when NIKKI started telling everyone what she got out of BH. starting with her washing machine then onto her tumble dryer then moving on to her monitor and finally sitting on her suite telling everyone she got this for £5.00pm inc. osc/dlc. This was a better advert than the current one sti
  6. LEFTY.Iwas'nt trying to justify theOSC i was just pointing out that this product of the business does'nt hold any fears for the company .has been about now for 16years and i am sure that the TRADING STANDARDS are well aware of it and no doubt you yourself may have braught it to their attention .If they have had any concerns they certainly haven't informed the company and this is a company who consider themselves to have a very good relationship with TRADING STANDARDS. There are other aspects of PSC .You can't hand your tv back to comet after a period ofsay 2/3 months and expect them to take i
  7. yougy105 In asking for two weeks grace and they in essence refused you they themselves have created this problem . phone them up say you are prepared to pay this account but under no circumstances will you hand the goods back If they have any common sense they will sort this out as they will be the losers AND THEY KNOW IT. They will probably offer you a rewrite ,they in essence put your weeks in arrears to the back of your account It doesn't cost you anything only the fact that you will finish paying for the account 5/6 weeks later than first intended Really the ball is in your court so stand
  8. 2ltre16valve By all means go ahead with your claim and i genuinely hope with come out on top, however i was just pointing out the pitfalls. The fact that OSC is really plastered all over the shops and that the PRICING TICKETS have two prices on them one with osc one without i would suggest a judge would find it hard to agree with you. As for Leftys other point you suprise me that you feel this could be their downfall. Again as stated previously the company feel very much that they can justify this as it is not just a warranty but gives much more cover than the normal warranty. Warrantys of
  9. 2ltre16valve. i would quit while you are ahead. There are OSC notices all over the shops and certainly on the PRICING TICKETS. You have cancelled the osc so i would let it go as i am sure it would be almost impossible to prove that you did'nt know about this cover PADRE .PS Clemma were has the "im back" thread gone t.?????
  10. Rachiel1973. brighthouse sold on debt a few years back ,it was probably these people who phoned you .they are chancing their arm as the saying goes . OFFICE OF FAIR TRADING GUIDLINES state that it could be conscrued as tantamount to harassment to chase a debt that has become time barred , and as you have heard nothing for over 6 years this is the case here. I would suspect that you won't hear from these people again .PADRE
  11. As for your final point cctv in shops are only visual there is no sound , PADRE
  12. 2ltr16valve. Once again complete rot on the two points. It's your prerogative as to were you want your account to be .If you want it transferred to another shop then there is no such rule as to waiting 12 weeks .Managers are loathe to transfer accounts out as it means they are under pressure to replace the monthly amount that you pay (Monthly Dues as they call them) Once again simply tell them that they must transfer your account as you want nothing to do with them .IF they give you trouble ask for h.o. number this should resolve it. AS LONG AS YOUR ACCOUNT IS UP TO DATE.The other point regar
  13. 21ltr16valve. Here's what i would do .Take my home contents insurance into shop show them that you were covered for the goods at the time ,as for osc their agreemnent states that you give them 7DAY notice to cancel osc. if they refuse to refund you then i would tell them i am now going into dispute with you re this account .They have created the problem they must resolve it .Tell them you have no intentions of paying this account til they have sorted it out and if need be for them to take you to court . They will definately not take court action if an account is in dispute .What you have been
  14. vickidavies. Sorry i posted my reply when it only partly answered your point. As for the pick up and hold policy they should inform you that they are going to put the goods back on display and this should only have happened after a period of several months Its obvious they were only telling you this to get the goods back and this type of behaviour disgusts me The other point is that as you were in arrears when it was picked up they could possibly say pick up and hold is for people who hand back their goods before going into arrears ,however if you phone head office and let them know the fac
  15. Vickidavies . Four people coming to your door is blatant harassment.What completely amazes me is that the Company have embarked on a complete re-education of all their Field staff .From DIVISIONAL MANAGERS to REGIONAL MANAGERS to MANAGERS to DEPUTY MANAGER to STORE AND FIELD accounts reps. They all must sitan exam that is recognised by THE BRITISH ASS. OF DEBT MANAGEMENT.( don't know if this is their right title)and if they fail have to re-sit it again.This is costing the Company thousands of pounds and all of the above by now should have sat the 1st part of the exam.It acknowledges all aspec
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