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  1. Hi, well sent another letter saying seems you decided to stop communicating with me then i am now informing you that once the monies that have been paid back that eqauls the card bill, then i will cancel all direct debits, so basically you can go and whistle. sparky72.
  2. Hi all, really looking for some help here if anyone would like to discuss all advice greatfully received. Okay so after Halifax replying saying they cannot find the reconstituted version of the executed agreement. And that because they are unable to provide the original terms and conditions they will not seek to enforce the agreement ( even though it is only an application) I sent off a letter informing them that the account is now in dispute! They sent the following, “I can confirm that this represents the Banks final response and regrettably having considered all aspect of
  3. Hi all, decided to really get stuck into this now, been keeping payments all up to date, so no problems there, managed to get some money back through PPI. But no interest just payments i have made, FSO said no complaint to be held up about interest. So sent a letter off pointing out i only have a application form! and that the prescribed T&C's were not included,also offered a F&F of the total amount less what i have been paying. This morning I received a letter saying they cannot trace the reconstituted version of the executed agreement! See attachment of the lettter receiv
  4. Hi Kanana, sorry no replies at the moment, but after rumaging through old paperwork found original T&C's and they appear to be different from the one received in SAR. Hopefully someone could possibly give us a few pointers, as im am absolutley up the creek without a paddle. sparky72.
  5. Hi guys, sort of stuck at a cross roads now on what direction to take! Quick recap, 2 halifax visa card taking out 2000 and 2001, both have balances about £7500, one of the cards was with Halifax card protection, done all the sums and applied for this back with compound and statutory interest, received only payments made for every month, no compound interest or statutory interest received whatsoever. Second card had a sentinel card protection what amounted to a set payment every month of £15, Halifax say this was not PPI therefore not entitled to it. Been in touch with FOS and still
  6. Can someone take a look at my previous input, and give us some idea? rather confused now!
  7. Hi all Okay, so now have applied to halifax for signed agreements!!!! Low and behold they found my originals !!!!!!!! and for each card, see following PDF's. If anyone take a look and check the possibility of these being un-enforcable agreements. 1st covering letter pdf1a.pdf 2nd covering letter pdf6a.pdf Agreement pdf8a.pdf agreement case1.pdf [ In these pdf's there are two covering letters and two credit agreements. If someone could take a look and clarify for me i would be grateful. Not sure what route to take next:confused::confused:.
  8. Hi Dotty, thanks for that removed it until i can get new scan up. The answer to your question is no, i received a cheque for 986.00 and that is it. no compound interest added no simple interest whatsoever. this was on a letter received CBR 000000 986.09 APR refund -£22.68 (dont know where this has come from) so they have taken one from another to arrive at this figure Premium refund £963.41, this is the sum on cheque sent to me. So just to sum up Full refund given on premiums paid over last ten years. No compound interest added whatsoever No simple interest added.
  9. Hi, Halifax have kicked me in the teeth this morning:eek:, received a cheque for just £1k, but calculation from compound interest and statatory interest not included, seems they have just given me back exactly what i have paid them over the years!!!!! see attached letter received this morning any ideas what step to take next cheers sparky72:(
  10. Gary68, this is from my platinum card, with a balance of just under £9k, so its highly unlickly it will pay the debt off. As for other just about to post this one as didn't want two going to them at the same time. Method in the madness. sparky72
  11. Hey all, Received a cheque this morning for all the PPi charges over the last ten years:), but nothing about compound interest or statutory eight percent interest either:-?. seems the cheque has come from a angela taylor, senior manager, customer services. Called the customer relations manager and informed him that received cheque, and what happened to the rest and he told me that the redress team will be in touch, but is this cheque from the redress team????? a little confused now. Does anybody know if this is normal and they will calculate the interests? Hopefully they will forward me
  12. Hi gary68, thanks for the quick reply, maybe i am jumping the gun, just was a little peeved when i checked online, after having high hopes from letter. pretty sure spreadsheet was correct, these go back to 2001, have a quick look, i used the online calculators supplied via this forum. compound interst calculations.pdf cheers sparky72
  13. Hi all, need some advice here please:confused:. Just received a letter from Halifax about PPi reclaim, sent off spread sheet from total sum with compound interest and statutory interest what amounted to £3k:D, received a letter from a nigel mckinstrey, customer relations manager! This basically says they will contact me with the amount shortly, Now just looked at online banking and found they have credited £986.00 back onto credit card but the balance has not come down. CBR 000000 986.09 APR refund -£22.68 Premium refund £963.41 So I am not sure what to do next, I was e
  14. Hi Gary68, have done, but removed obviously for posting.
  15. HI, thanks for all your help so far, i am sort of trying to get the balance down in case they have concrete evidence of my CCA's, so done a spreadsheet with the following on: Repayment Date--PPI amount--interest rate--compound interest--charge+Interest--8% stat--Total This has been printed off with the following letter, HBOS PLC Customer Relations PO Box 548 Leeds LS1 1WU Dear Sir/Madam, Re: Halifax credit card The Payment Protection Plan Insurance (Halifax card protection) was attached to the above Halifax account on the xx/xx/xxxx via a tele
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