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  1. just taken the letter into the bank the lady taht i seen the other day is off so took the name of the one i gave the letter to today hope this works now.. i have asked and asked this company for a breakdown on my account now since 15/05 how long should it take for them to send it to me should i have given them a time frame as to when i expected it??
  2. no i didnt put it in writing will take a letter up tomorrow the bank is with lloyds and by most other posts they are not much better..will try and sort out a new account but its going to take a while my ex is not keen on sending me money at the best of times so i expect he will kick up fuss now..thank you for you advice
  3. went to the bank they lady was very kind said she would look into this for me but have just looked at my online account and looks like she done nothing for me minicredit have taken money out 5 times today have had enough now to date they have taken £315 for a £100 loan i have told them that i removed the right for them to take any more money i have asked the bank to stop the cpa i have sent them a formal complaint what more can i do to stop them taking even more i cant shut the account as my ex husband works overseas and he has to transfer money into this account for me..please please could someone tell me what to do next as its starting to drive me into the ground now and dont know where to turn..
  4. Have you already got another bank account - simply changing your card isn't sufficient to stop these people dipping in when they want - which is against the OFT Guidelines on Debt Collecting. hi please could you tell me where i can find this part of the guidelines on oft site as this company are lifting money from my account 3 times a day everyday even though there is no money in the account. thanks
  5. hi please could someone tell me how this company can take money out of my account when there is no money in there they have taken another £55 this morning i dont understand how they doing this i am going to the bank to ask them to stop the payments this morning but i know they going to lift more money today as they have told me they will take 3 payments per day everyday till its cleared but they taking money i dont even have
  6. hi all i have a loan with minicredit it was due to be paid on the 5th of this month. i found myself very short on money and sent them a message to let them know..anyway i ended up defaulting on the loan and they started with all the charges now they have started to take all my money out of my account they take every penny thats in there thought i would be ok because as soon as money gets payed into the account it is transferred to another account.however they now seem to be able to take money when there is nothing in the account anyone know how they can do this????they are taking 3 amounts everyday and as of today i do not have any money at all not 1 p...
  7. well phoned the council today the debt has not been sent back they said sorry for sending to 6the wrong address but its the last forwarding address they had for me (have lived in 4 other propertys since this one) they said they cant do anything for me so im just going to keep paying online and ignoring the bailiffs told them the charges they have put on are outrageus and was not happy she said the longer i leave it the more charges they will put on the ba**^%*^%*^*$*
  8. no have not set up a payment plan yet only had this letter today i will be giving them hell for sending it there have not even lived there for over 10 years i was also under the impression that a persons debt was not to be discussed with a third party ie (my father opening my mail) is this right like i said dont know how true this is..would really love it if they have passed it back but its just shocking how much they have added on there
  9. omg just worked out the charges from the bailiffs its £580 minus what has already been paid robbing gits that could have been a nice little holiday for me.................nolonger embaressed am now totaly pi***********d
  10. hi all have had another develipmont here had a phone call off my dad this morning he told me bettrer get down his house there is a letter there for me goes down and its a letter off the council saying how much i owe and what prossedings have taken place on me.......have never told my dad about all this as i have not lived with him for over 10 years and i am a grown woman and dont see the need for my father to know the ins and outs of all my problems was just wondering why the council have sent this letter to my dads address and not my own which they have......this has really upset me now as my father opened the letter and read it all he is now not talking to me as he does not agree with having debt...anyway am just wondering if anyone knows weather this means that the debt has now been passed back to the council and is no longer with the baillifs it also looks like all bailiff charges have been taken off as there is a few hundres pounds missing off the final amount................ thanks inadvance all
  11. have just been offered a fantastic job recovering debts with some insolvancy firm lollllllllllllllllllllllllllll
  12. ohhhhhhhhhhhh come on give me the job please i could only read it cos my 8 year old helped me he is also helping with the sums ( he actualy helped me lear about factors and prime numbers last night) and today he is going to teach me how to spell cos i no longer have a spell checker on here
  13. hi all have just been trying to catch up on all this reading on here it makes some good reading to can i get first dibs on these seats please........... tingy some good writting done by you but must admit cant do percentages so was left a little confused (just like the bailiff) and now that has me thinking i now know what my calling in life is i am going to become a bailiff so look out all lollllllllllll again thanks all for the help you have all given me not heared off them for a while but it wont be long now i am sure
  14. thanks for the help all tomtubby the bailiff is xxx have read the thread you said about wonder how they can justify leveing on a car worth £4000 for a £300 bill (but dont forget the car aint mine so it dont matter) but just goes to show they do do it...
  15. yes i just scribbled on it was still half asleep knocked me up at 7 in the morning he also said he went to the neighbours to see whos car it was cheaky git not seen the neighbours to ask them if he did cant think they would be to impressed with being woken that time of the morning
  16. hi hallowitch knew you would come to my aid..forgot to say hello in my last post was trying to settle the kids back in once on is up they all up... the total owing minus the new charge is £341 (thats with a charge from last vist for around £80 just for a letter) cost of levy £33.00 enf fee £125.00 walking possesion fee £11.00 will request a subject acsses request in the morning..thanks again for your help.
  17. i dont know what they playing at have asked them time and time again for a screenshot of they account but have never had one wrote to them this morning demanding one will see if i get one they make me laugh even if the car was mine they should know better the car is a 09 plate so how they can justifie leveying this i dont know..does this now make the levey invalid and that they would not be aloud to re-enter the house as they have done a new levey???
  18. hi all its been a very long time since i been on here i am still having problems with bailiffs i managed to get almost all of my debt paid off was down to the last £300 but as circumstances change all the time i was skint but they dont care about that to cut a long sotry short my bill has now gone shooting back up with all the charges thay have put on it works at almost £500 worth of charges anyway they called out the other day and i had rented a car for the weekend and it was still outside my house they have now put a new levey on that im not to worried about it as like i said it is a hired car i told him that but he said not to worry he will take my word for it but he then went on to put £120 charge on for leveying on it can he do this as i thought that as the car was hired then that would not make his levey liable is this right???
  19. the tv isnt on the levy but everything is paid for through the tv sorry for the confusion..and yes sent them the rental agreement for the dvd but they didnt take o notice of it cos had another letter off them saying pay up or we will be coming...have thought about asking the manager to come out so that they can see what kind of levy they done so they can see how worthless it is the table is getting worse only 2 ppl at a time can eat on there as its falling apart and am not buying a new one for them to take away....
  20. hi pt there is 5 of us and we have a corner 3 piece but that is also on hp so he aint having that anything that i owe which is of value is on hp i have also been informed by the ppl that i had it off that even though i had things over 3-4 years ago it stays their property as long as i have a account with them as when i purchased some thing new my payments come down but everything i have is just rolled into one if that makes sense to you it does to me cos it means that all its all covered from the vultures....
  21. would like to say a great big thank you to you all you have all helped me so much over this long hard time it will have been going on for a year next month and am just about ready to give up....wonkey thanks for the letter am writing it up now pt thanks for the link am seriously considering it but am not to sure about appearing on tv or anything like that (dont think im ready for stardom just yet lol) and hallowitch you have been a rock in all this.....will try once more with this letter and if this one dont work i think it will be time for some big changes to take place cos i really am at the end of my tether with this that's all i want from them is to remove the van fee as this is the only charge i have complaints about as it is so unfair i dont understand the idea of putting something like this on the only reason ppl get into debt in the first place is cos they dont have the money to pay and then they put you in a even bigger hole and just expect you to sit back and take it god they make me sick......
  22. evening all....am after a little letter writing help tonight have once again informed the bailiffs that my dvd player is on hp but they dont seem to want to take any notice of this as i have had yet another one of their pay now or we are coming to get your things letters....you have all been so helpful with me through this hard time many thanks to you all.....council are being paid weekly and no complaints from them thankfully...didnt tell the bailiffs that am paying the council weekly as its coming off this years bill dont think it has anything to do with the order they have.....
  23. i have 2 handles on my windows what if the top Handel is unlocked and the bottom Handel is in the locked position also i open my bath room window a little but then put the handles down so the only way to get the window open is by breaking the window would this count as peaceful or forceful??????????
  24. i to think they are trying to get as much out of me as poss as they said in the letter i had yesterday that they will add even more charges for them coming to remove goods my argument has always been about the extra cost for the view to remove so why put on yet more costs when they have already put them on....
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