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  1. It is a secured loan which has PPI on it, also i have 4 more agreements with the same lender also with a claim to miss-selling of PPI.
  2. Should PPI payments be on a statement of account. The PPI is shown as seperate on the agreement with a monthly amount & interest. All that is showing on the statement is one figure & interest no mention of PPI is this correct.
  3. Hi, Could someone advise me on ruling which happened yesterday. The lender has seeked repossession three times. 1st case it was adjourned lender didn't turn up. 2nd case solicitors who i had instructed to fight miss-selling of PPI, wrote to lender asking to adjourn until the miss-selling was resolved (granted). Solicitors acting on the miss-selling of PPI went Bankrupt, while i was waiting to get files back, lender re-opened court case for repossession, because there was no response from solicitors. 3rd court case lender asking for arrears in full or possession order for sale of property. I asked the judge for an ajournment until the miss-selling of PPI was cleared up, so then it would be clear who owes what if anything was owed at all. With which he granted but said he was giving me 28 days to submit a defence & then another court date would resume asap. Could somebody advise me about his request for me to submit a defence. Is the defence he asking for me to fight the miss-selling claim against the lenders repossession. I asked this but was told to seek advise. could someone advise is this the norm.
  4. I have had a claim for miss-sold PPi with solicitors for 10 months. In this time it has not been clear what they can & can't claim for until today. I feel totally strung along to sign papers for potential claims with no questions answered directly. I have a timed barred issue & feel 10 months to get their final decision on what they are prepared to claim is discusting. Doe's anyone know a solicitors that takes statute barred claims plus current with all loans with the same company. I feel missled into a conditional fee agreement with these solicitors & would appretiate any advice to pursue my claims. would the law society be any help?
  5. Yes Jack you can & if you have £35 monthly arrears charge claim that back aswell. A goverment report on these charges has slammed these as profit making fees & has asked the FSA to come down hard on lenders for implementing them, the financial ombudsman service can be used now to reclaim if you get knowhere with the lender, also you have the courts available. I have an offer on the table from the lender, so there is wrong doing otherwise they would tell me to bog off. good luck
  6. so it will be down to unfair terms again then. Thanks for your help yourbank, I have sent a letter asking for a final response so i can use the FOS to look at these transactions. After your reply i guess it will be put in stay on the unfair terms, I will let you know off the response. swithing off now to try & calm down. thanks all.
  7. Thank you all for the advice & help. Letter in the post let battle commense.
  8. Thanks for the response. we understand the system of natwest & it is there for their profit, they say it is right & legal & were at fault, they said that about charges, PPI & much more. I shall challenge this manipulation of transactions & prove them wrong again their not a law to themselves as we are finding out.:grin:
  9. I have gone to the banks with this complaint last year, to which they didn't agree with my complaint, but they made a total cockup of their complaints proceedure & offered a full refund of the charges that i complained about. I just wish it had gone to the ombudsman then which would have probably stopped this happening again.
  10. If i can get the ombudsman to investigate these transactions. This is more about how they create a charge & i feel they would have no choice but to favour the consumer. Thank's for the advice.
  11. thanks i will look into these options, I have also started a letter of complaint asking for a final response so the ombudsman can investigate this manipiulation to create a false charge.
  12. sorry to hijack the thread, Bankfodder, will the ombudsman look at a complaint whilst there is a stay for the banks, or are they waiting for the result of the test case, any advice grateful.
  13. I have just read on another thread about writing to the banks asking for the ombsudman to investigate a complaint by Bankfodder. Can i write to the bank asking for their final decision in writing after the phone call i had. Or can i go straight to the ombudsman with my complaint with the stay in place. I believe if i can get this complaint in front of the ombudmans its plain to see their manipulation of accounts. Any help would be greatful.
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