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  1. Thank-you very much That is a great help. Would you reccomend that we write them a letter from the provided templates or ignore them completely?
  2. Update: Today we received demand for £85. Sister isn't pleased and won't listen to my reasoning It was delivered to my Mum as she is the owner of the car, my sister is insured as an additional driver and uses the car. Is there a specific piece of legislation or a document that I can pass to my sister for her to read and clear the issue up?
  3. Thanks for all your help We'll keep you updated when we hear from the $^£$%^$%^'s!
  4. We did originally read it as 'Council-Ticketing' and we where half way through the appeal process on our local council's website before we realised! Their website has very little information; Welcome - Home :: Central Ticketing and just looks completely dodgy! Their logo is similar to a council-type website, too;
  5. Is it likely they will get in touch by phone? If so, what would you advise that my sister says/does?
  6. How do these companies get away with it?! Just to clear things up for her, is there something I could print off to explain it to her in-detail? Sorry to be such a pest, I did look for the sticky that people seem to talk of but I can't find it myself- gives me an expired link.
  7. Thank you so much! She has enough to worry about, with a new born baby, never mind a £60 fine!
  8. How annoying is that! Just like that 'Real' Hustle' program. Will inform my sister.
  9. So is 'central-ticketing' not a legit company or do they just not have any legal rights to take money off my sister?
  10. Hi All, Myself and my sister where doing some shopping on Sunday (15/03/09). She is the mother of a new baby. In said shopping centre (Chesire Oaks collesium) the mother and baby parking spaces (with wide un-loading areas which we needed for the pram), are right next to the disabled spaces. Niamh (baby) wanted a bottle so we parked up and fed her, before getting out of the car and going shopping for a mother's day present. We return to find a ticket on her dashboard saying that my sister (driver, not owner) was parked in a disabled bay and needed to pay an £85 () fine!!! This is r
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