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  1. Thank you will try and put it out of my mind x
  2. Thank you feeling a lot calmer about it now, I know the ex didn't pay as he went bankrupt Another letter this morning addressed to the occupier looking for please phone them with correspondence address. Remembered also that they supplied a redress amount in June 2013 for incorrect paperwork. Would this have an affect on statute barred? I have checked credit files no court notices so they haven't done it without me knowing. What do I do? I didn't sleep for a week last time!!
  3. Sorry d just read your comment, the letter was sent by NRAM - northern rock asset management.
  4. Wow reading over this thread has brought it all back, I knew it was a scary, horrible time as I felt physically sick when I opened that letter today I have calmed down now and am not going to fret over it. Seriously though could they start chasing for payment again? And could they do it through my old address where I am not aware of it?
  5. Hi, Many years ago myself and ex partner had a together mortgage with Northern Rock. When we split he took out a new mortgage and was supposed to clear the loan but didn't. They raised a court case which I fought with help from the guys here - Thank you. I don't remember actually going to court if memory serves they dropped the case. I was contacted shortly after by a debt collector offering to settle for 5k which I declined as I didn't have the money. Forward several years and a letter arrived this morning at my new address. It is addressed to "the occu
  6. The NR thing won't be statute barred for another 4 years and I don't think I can put up with the worry for that long. Also I would be struggling with my own debts for the next five years and trying to clear them and then NR could decide they are going to take me to court again and I'm back at square one. I think really need to just draw a line under it and get on with my life so my child and I can start having fun again without the constant worry of what has landed on the doormat while I've been at work! Thanks for the help and advice, I've made up my mind that BR is the route for me - wish me
  7. Thanks for the responses, in regards to the £10k loan I can prove that it was taken before I realised that things with NR hadn't finished. I can also prove that it was all used to clear credit cards debts so I was sincerly trying to get myself back on track by consolidating. I would have struggled a bit to make repayments but thought I could manage and envisaged a changed in circumstances in the near future as my bf was going to move in at the end of June! Do you think they will understand this? I really don't think I have any other options but to go the BR route, the stress and panic I'm am h
  8. They phoned today and asked for payment - I said I didn't have any money to pay. They wanted to do an income and expenditure over the phone - I said no and they are posting one out. They also phoned the other person on the loan and asked if they could even just make a payment of £1 a week. Wondering if they are still on a phishing trip and trying to get us to pay something so they can start all over again. I know there is a debt the problem for me is the other person on the loan did remortgage when I left and had enough with their new mortgage to pay this
  9. Thankyou for the advice, it sounds sensible and what I was thinking myself. In regards to waiting for them to take it to court - how long would BR take roughly, I am worried that if they take it to court and get a CO on my home this wouldn't then be included in the BR. And if they do get one is a CO discharged when you sell even if the full amount isn't repaid by the profit? I would be looking to sell my home in a year or so anyway and move in with my bf so that wouldn't bother me but wouldn't want to still have it hanging over me as there wouldn't be anywhere near enough (if anything at
  10. wouldn't they need to take the case to court first before they can apply for the order? My understanding was they would go to enforce the debt - if they won the case and we failed to pay they could then go for the charging order so they would have to go back to court for this - I could make myself bankrupt in the meantime. Not very good on CO's and understand they won't be included but if I sold they home they would get any leftover money (after mortgage repayment and fees etc) once that is done then the CO is settled? Or can they continue to chase for the remaining a
  11. I'm happy to be the ginea pig and go all they way if needed because I'm thinking if they win I'll declare bankruptcy anyway because I really can't afford to pay any more. So although the theory is that if they issued a defective DN they cannot effectively terminate the agreement this hasn't been tried in a court yet? So all I can really do for now is sit tight - continue with not making payments and see where they go from here?
  12. Hi, For a bit of background I am a single parent with a mortgage but no equity. I have just recently (last week) taken a £10k loan to clear credit cards and thought I was getting myself straight. However I just discovered that a case from Northern Rock that I thought had been closed last year may well raise its head again and they could win. This is for a joint unsecured loan in the region of £25k. If they decide to take this back to court I really couldn't pay anything else and am thinking that making myself bankrupt would be the only solution. My questions are - Would the unsecured
  13. The agreement was terminated before the court case - how can they start sending DN's again? My understanding from reading other threads was that if an agreement was terminated with dodgy paperwork which they admit it can't be re-instated?
  14. Well after sending the letter to NR they nicely replied and said they were looking into my complaint!!! I only did as they asked but left them to investigate hoping a nice resoultion would be reached. after concluding their investigation they have responded stating the facts of the case, how they took us to court, we filed a defence. and "after investigation with the legal team it was agreed that the default notice was not valid and therefore the action could go no further. We contacted our solicitors who issued a notice of discontinuance". Conclusion "I can confirm
  15. Hope this gets sorted for you, I am watching with interest as NR have just started chasing me again for payments on an unsecured loan. They also discontinued the case last year! And have threated further action, I have only received phone calls so far and I am sending a letter with details of the discontinuance - will watch for a letter then.
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