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  1. This is why I don't post - sarcastic and insulting replies with a touch of ageism. But with £ 150k of shall we say 'avoidance' by reading the wise words of the sages on here and then reading the relevant legislation, some adapted wording (not templates) I have nothing to prove. In fact I might well be in the play offs for legal successes. How many times have you been in Court as a LIP with a watertight case and the judge(clearly wanting his lunch) just asks you the question without reading anything. Then find £10k for an appeal. If you pay an instalment you owe acknowledge a debt. Common law. Don't pay after one instalment and you start the roulette wheel. Judge lottery. Thanks to CAG True Call was the best £99 I ever spent - never acknowledge that you owe ought. A punter who won but unfortunately can't type quick enough and isn't a techie. I agree that makes me a dinosaur but with a far larger brain. Lack of posts kept the wolves from the door but what I gleaned on here saved my life literally. Back to La La Land.
  2. I think you may find that ,since Getmeout(GME) has made payments to the assignee, in law the debt is acknowledged. Requesting a SAR or CCA should have been done before a payment was made & well before Payplan became involved, who in law are assisting the debtor( but not necessarily in spirit). It is far too late to go down that route now. I agree with everything that dx 100 uk says about the selling of debt without documentation but it happens and is immoral but not unlawful. So what I am saying is that if GME stops paying Cabot and Link could and knowing them would take him to Court, where a judge will simply ask him '' do you owe the money'' - SAR's or CCA's that cannot be produced are totally irrelevant - the history of the case speaks for itself. A summary CCJ against him with costs and compound interest is a certainty. For the record Moorcroft are HSBC's inside solicitors( a couple of guys and a filing cabinet) & Westcroft are the RBS Group which include NatWest. Since payments are being made the Bank is happy to keep the debt but stop and they will sell with a clear audit trail of debt and more Court cases. My advice to GME is to politely advise Payplan that an IVA is not in your best interest. Trust me I know – if it wasn’t for Priority One back in the day I would not be here.
  3. Leased from ARVAL. Swindon, a subsidiary of BNP PARIBAS, a French Bank (I think). However the originating source documentation is stamped Nissan Worcester - which could be a large stockyard - the plates are Bristol St Motors who would have given it a prelim check although there is nothing to verify this . The minimum warranty is 3 years but every month I get the usual love emails from Nissan saying that they will care for me whilst ever I am a customer. The lease is for 2 years so finishes in Oct 2017. Just been reading CAGs kindle Consumer Survival Guide written by Marc Gander and comforted that under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 essentially 3rd party consumers, which I could be, are no different to a straightforward supplier(dealer)-customer relationship. There is a big trust problem between Nissan and its dealerships. Anecdotally Nissan disallow a large amount of warranty claims believing the dealers are claiming for new parts instead of repairing existing ones. Dealers want to replace(quicker and cheaper if reimbursed) but will repair if they supplied the car- the goodwill factor. Thanks for the response.
  4. Leased a brand new Nissan Qashqai in Oct 2015. Recently, after 14 months , it has developed a problem ( a draining battery) and was advised by the RAC to take it to a main dealer. The main dealer did not supply the car but as representative of the Nissan marque has an obligation to try to fix it. They have had the car since 23 Jan and are clueless, disinterested or both. A good auto electrician would fix it in a day. I have wheels thanks to Nissan Customer Service who have issued a case number but I don't expect a repair anytime soon so want to escalate up the Nissan Customer Service route, which apparently is the correct route in their parallel process. Trawling the net I cannot find the current CEO of Nissan UK except Carlos Ghosn who seems to be CEO of everything outside Japan,( including Renault) and cannot be contacted. Anyone know of a good contact please?
  5. Don't make many posts (can't type quick enough ) and these boards are like Hampton Court Maze-when you're small and can't see over the top. However dropped this email to Cleggover as per his 'write to me - I'm a man of the people' pitch now he's in temporary charge; When is the calition government going to ban the practice of debt sale and purchase? People should be allowed to deal only with the original lending instituition,which in the main would be banks (and which have to conform to a regime of conduct ) instead of unscrupulous third party companies. These companies fabricate facts,masquerade as lawyers ,harass and threaten many people.They are totally unregulated,have self ascribed cosmetic codes of practice which they flaunt with importunity, and completely ignore the Office of Fair Trading guidelines. The results of such harassment have resulted in many tragedies and untold misery for hundreds of thousands of this country's citizens. Dropped a similar letter to Gordon last year and got a very nice reply on very very nice notepaper saying it was being passed to Mandy for a response.You guessed it-nowt, not even some nice notepaper. As this is an email I suspect it will remain in the ether. Thanks to CAG I don't fear anything anymore.
  6. I am Maximus Decimus Meridius ,General of the Felix Legions and Commander of the Northern Army(Gladiator ) I think its a great idea - I am firing off a dozen letters on the day. Lets face it we need 2 b co-ordinated and have leadership and focus but letters need to be personalised to make an impact with Govt and the Official Bodies. I wrote to the PM and Chair of Treasury Select Cttee about lack of regulation of these low lifes. Also send ,or post onto his 'fansite', a copy to Lenny Henry - he was the turn at the DCA Awards dinner and is pictured with the great captains of this industry on many DCA websites(and none of them had stick on red noses).
  7. hi dcakiller, Told them '' Govt guidelines recommend that you dont give your name,DoB,etc out over the phone due to identity theft,Data Protection issues'' -then asked the guy for his name,DoB and bank account details.They couldn't get off the phone quick enough.
  8. They rang a neighbour and he came round with a message to ring them urgently. They are pond life.
  9. Hi, You are not alone and HSBC are terrible at this.Presumably the calls are from an overseas call centre-they have a few in Asia and one in the Phillipines.Therefore a language and/ or undestanding problem conveniently exists. Ask to speak to the Manager in charge of the call centre and state that you are resolving the matter with the local Branch or Head Office.They will be looking at a computer screen which is just showing numbers and not the background to the case.If they keep on take the persons name and state that they are breaking the harassment laws of England and that you will sue the Company citing them as rep for personal distress.That should shut them up while they check back which should take a week(you may get another call depending on shift changes -they get paid for every call they make). Then; send a letter to Branch and copy to Head Office(1st class recorded) along the lines; FORMAL COMPLAINT UNDER THE CONSUMER CREDIT ACT 2006 COMPLAINTS PROCEDURE. Harassment by Telephone A/c No xxxxxxx i am writing in relation tothe quantity and frequency of tel. calls that I have received from your co. which i deem to be personally harassing. i have verbally reqested these to stop but i am still receiving calls i now require all further communication to be in writing only. i am of the view that your continued harassment of me by tel puts u in breach of sec.40 of the Administration of Justice Act 1970 and the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. if u continue to harass me by tel u will also be in breach of the Communications Act 2003 s.127 and I WILL REPORT YOU TO OFCOM,Trading Standards and The Office of Fair Trading(OFT).U are operating Unfair Business Practice under sec 2 (Communications) and they have the power to levy a substantial fine and/or revoke your licence. please treat this as a formal complaint and send me a copy of your complaints procedure and the person responsible for dealing with my a/c. Be advised that any further further telephone calls will be recorded(even if you don't have the eqmnt!!) and will be used as evidence. Should it be necessary i will obtain an injunction. That should shut them up.
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