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  1. For anyone's future reference. A letter signed by all those named on the bill to SWALEC seems to be acceptable, not so acceptable for Dwr Cymru but I guess you win some and you lose some.
  2. Hi guys, have searched but can't find a similar thread! I currently live in a shared/student style house which I am moving out of on the 31st. Currently 4 of us are responsible for the bills, which have been amounting as 2 of the housemates are very bad at paying their part of the bill - although I realise we are jointly and severally liable. I am leaving for Europe for the summer next month and would like to pay my share of the bill and hear no more of it! I am writing a letter to SWALEC with itemised amounts each of us owes and an agreement that we each take responsibility for the
  3. Seriously 100% just ignore them and file any letters you receive in a draw somewhere! As soon as you make any contact with them it only provokes them to keep pestering you. They have absolutely no power to enforce or distribute any sort of fine or penalty, unlike council traffic wardens or police. It's the same as if I sent you a bunch of letters saying you owed me £3000, you wouldn't pay that now would you! You will receive: 2 or so letters from Euro Car Parks. 2 or 3 letters from Brinx Debt Collection. 2 or 3 letters from Credit Control. Each letter you receive will b
  4. Pretty sure they can't break and enter but they can enter without damaging your property - like through an open window. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I had a similar situation and asked to speak to the fine support officer at my local magistrates court, I made an appointment with her and went down to see them. Explained myself in Mags court and they reduced it back to the original £60, they were very nice about it. From what I can gather in this thread have you just literally ignored all the post that you have been receiving? Like increased fines and threats through the door
  5. You could always wait until after Germany to send the licence off for points and paying the fine? How long do they give you these days?
  6. This is really terrible advice, but I once didn't pay or send my licence off for a speeding ticket (40 in a 30) for 6-7 months afterwards and didn't incur any extra costs. I sent the letter back admitting it was me and then totally forgot to pay the thing (I was at Uni, parents in southern hemisphere for 6 months, all post going home!). After about 9 months they increased it to £255 and I had to go to magistrates and explain that I hadn't been getting post, they were very nice and reduced it back to the original cost, still if I'd paid it after 6 months it would have been fine!
  7. To be fair, comments like that are hardly constructive. Yeh the guy has an idea he obviously wants to protect, but I'd sooner have a council to appeal to than a hotmail account and a mobile number with a wrong digit.
  8. No word since they last called, in all honesty I'd quite like them to take me to court!
  9. Thought I'd post a reasonably well outcome of a DVLA story. Mum just got back from NZ, been there for 6 months so car SORNed and in a private garage, on return she paid £700 in repairs, insurance, MOT and importantly TAX to be able to drive the car, then promptly nipped down the car wash. On return she parked outside my grandparents' house where she made them dinner, 20 minutes later came back out to find her car clamped. To say she was livid is an understatement. After spending 6 months working in a lovely, community, rural environment where she was appreciated to come back to the m
  10. My problem was that the bike had cost us £160, plus we'd spent £110 with them for repairs prior to it being stolen from them, so £270 in all. If they'd given us the £150 they offered, we'd still have paid for the repairs that were done before the loss. As it happens one of the other guys from the club went down there today and they agreed to pay £250, we still lost £20 but it's quicker and easier than doing anything through courts. Thanks for the help guys and sorry about the double thread. Cheers.
  11. Basically, we as a club bought a mini-motorbike which cost about £500 new for £160 second hand that needed some work, this was taken to a motorbike repair shop where £90 work + £20 labour parts was carried out. The staff then left the motorbike unsupervised downstairs next to an open front door where unsurprisingly it wandered off. The staff then offered us £150 in cash replacement, which we obviously complained about, they are now offering us £230 to "meet us half way". My opinion is that they are totally liable for this and should refund us the full value, or replace the bike, they trie
  12. I understand that paying by paypal gift was a silly idea, but as I say I wasn't involved in this, nor would I have paid by gift. I was just asking as I don't know what can be done. Obviously paypal aren't at fault really, but their help would be appreciated with tracking the guy down. Thanks.
  13. Hi, this hasn't affected me directly but I'm a prominent member of a forum SDH - Forum - Index - SouthernDownhill.com and many other members have been done. Basically a lad set up a thread selling off a bike in bits, at very reasonable prices with good explanation as you'd expect from someone knowing his stuff. People jumped in buying bits they needed, however he requested all money be sent by "Paypal gift" so as not to incur costs for him. This has been done before with trusted forum members and never been a problem. The upshot of all this is many people paid him £3-400 and it seems
  14. Well, after I said all was well and done, I received a phone call today from Central DCA asking why I hadn't paid it yet, obviously I told them I definitely had paid it and they'd have to check, so they said they are ringing me tomorrow. I'll repost how it goes...
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