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  1. Ok, realised I need to bring you up to speed. About 6 weeks ago Dartford CC found against me and I submitted my objection in writing (within 7days). As for Northampton CC, I paid the fee to have my N244 objection heard but did not get a response. I copied everything to Dartford CC in my last objection.
  2. Thanks again Andy. If I defend do I submit a N244 citing CPR3.3 that the claimant has not followed pre-action protocol procedures correctly?
  3. Thanks for the info Andy. What would be my next move? Bill
  4. An interesting development, I Think? Just got a letter back from the court and reads as follows, "The contents of the Defendant's letter are noted. This letter is not as application and is inadequit to challenge the Judge's order. The defendant should seek urgent legal advice and look at CPR3.3(4) and (6)". The court originally found in favour of IDR and I objected. Cheers Bill
  5. Hi Andy, IDR submitted an application to court asking for an expired stay to become active. Citing an investigation as to their legitimacy to my MBNA debt plus claiming it was an oversight on their part that the stay had expired. As it took nearly 2 months for them to respond to my letter and the documents they supplied are incomplete, I've submitted an objection to the court with evidence of postal receipts, their documents and my summary asking that the case be set aside as the original court application was in error. IDR claimed they 'owned' the dept so when I challenged this I w
  6. Where can I find a form/link to object to a N244? cheers Bill
  7. Ok, I don't like their offer and have plenty of time to devote to the claim. I will write to them thanking them for their offer and see what they do next. Did the MBNA agreement I posted have any flaws in it? Thanks Bill
  8. Hi Andy, Many thanks for taking the time in going through this. What shall I do now? Cheers Bill
  9. Ok, Submitted my defence and got a letter from IDR They want me to sign a Tomlin Order and place a charge on my property. If I don't play ball they will ask for £2k to cover their legal costs. The fun part is they created the order on behalf of Northampton CC. The points of the agreement that grab me are 5, There be no leave to the claimant to enforce the voluntary restriction by any means. This is worthless!! and 6, In short (The Tomlin Agreement) shall be kept strictly confidential to all parties and their legal advisors. WHY? When I logged in to my case file I notic
  10. Many Thanks Andy. If anyone has comments about the particulars of the MBNA agreement I would welcome them thanks.
  11. Andy, its done with a little improvisation! Bill
  12. Hi Andy, Its done and thanks for your time. Bill
  13. Hi all, In short IDR has decided they want to take me to court - fine! I've enclosed a copy of the agreement with MBNA (minus sensitive bits) along with the Court Papers. I never filled in the application form in 2003, just signed it as I didn't think i would get credit. I was approached by a Homebase Rep whilst walking around the isles and asked if I would like a credit card. I said what the hey and didn't think more about it - boy did I not see this coming!!! So what other bits of info should i submit to the court? Thanks Badboy....Bill
  14. Hi Just done a SAR request and takes me back to 2003. Application form, interest charged, two entries one cash & other retail and then mid 2008 they change it to Finance Charged x 2, any relevance? cheers B
  15. Hi, these letters are from DCAs who have bought your debt. As the original debt was in dispute and not resolved just file them away and enjoy your day.
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