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  1. Cheers mate, confronting and opening the credit file was realy putting ghosts to bed and im not going to deny shedding tears not because i had no CCJs just the memories of a previous life etc it brought back Im assuming the other credit agencies would show if i had CCJs etc and have similar information Again cheers for all the support ill stay with forum and hope i can return the support
  2. Cheers Boo so in theroy athough the debt is over 6 years this could if the collector is an arse stay on indefinately if they keep selling them so much to learn about these lol As ive no need for credit for moment im going to just keep my head down as they say let sleeping dogs lie
  3. This is what the first page shows apreciate im in a lucky postion compared to many A summary of the calculations based on your credit report on Tuesday, March 31, 2009 You have £1,191 of available credit (excluding mortgages) You have £1,209 of outstanding debt (excluding mortgages and defaults) You are using 50% of your available credit You have 5 credit accounts (including settled account
  4. thanks for the help and support heres an update ive removed names etc ive just 2 things that look bad amongst a very good green file as it goes first is this
  5. Thanks for all your help Ive sat and thought and have now joined the credit checking people i have to wait for post and then ill start my road to face the demons as they say End of day if they win then it makes no physical diffrence to me but im dreading the memories this is all going to bring back Ill post for help and keep you all updated :-|
  6. My ex girlfriend left sky and spoke to BT they sold her the BT vision package It all arrived on 27 March 2009 Cut a long story its no good for her, simply a freeview box that costs here £18 a month, worryingly is anything you want to watch realy will cost per viewing The box isnt modern at all it comes with 2 big plugs that transmit the signal to the hub Its confusing as shes never had it she ordered extra channels like kids chanell that had Disney channels and cartoons Whe it came however you dont get the Disney chanels etc just a few old programes previously shown on
  7. This is a post for my ex girlfirend After years of no money problems she now lost her job and on benefits She informed Barclays and asked for interest to be dropped and a token payment holiday They replied no and passed the debt after first payment failed to Mercers Mercers have already written and demanding payment The debt is with Barclays and i feel after all these years to miss a payment and them to pass over is wrong So should she ignore the Mercer side of it? They have to be trading the letter was dated 25/3/2009
  8. No debts that I know of have had any money fo at least 9 years. Those who have caught up with me ( Barclays etc) ive paid and corrected The parking fines etc i have fully paid off Firstly again thanks so much Im going to register my new adress with the credit file people and start this road, reading and working out firstly anything that is that old I did previously complain to credit expert that so much of my file was incorrect, I rung them and emailed and found them totaly unhelpfull the best they done was allow me to make a statement that could be viewed to those accessing my cred
  9. Wow you hit the nail bang on the head The injurys were almost a decade ago and everything healed now other than ive still got spinal damage and kidney problems I used to work 3 jobs solid 7 days a week and at the time devoted and young thinking all everyone needed was a good lifestyle needing very little After my world crashed and I want allowed home etc I did loose my way and bieng a single man slipped through the net at the time and it took a good 4 years to get to grips etc with the mess i was in However im so lucky now, im nearly all sorted and faced most of my demons wit
  10. Firstly thankyou for taking time to read this. Im asking for someone to help or point me to ways I should be going Im now disabled and on benefits, considered vulnerable and in supported housing at present Im one of the few lucky ones that have been given help, the group im with are fantastic but I dont feel that they can help me with the advice im going to ask for Back in year 2000 i was happy and working and financialy stable, life was good and i was living with my ex I got attacked rather bad that left me seriously in hospital Whilst in hospital my ex decided to
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