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  1. It is highly unlikley that a judge in a small claims court would support such a claim, if mde by the dealer.
  2. Consider taking the dealer to small claims court to get back your £500. You can issue a claim on line using the governements new small claims court procedure. https://www.moneyclaim.gov.uk Send the dealer three letters, so that you can prove that you have tried to resolve the issue before starting a claim. In the letters, inform the dealer that you think £500 is excessive but accept that they have incurred some inconvinience and therefore you are willing for them to deduct an amount for this, but that you expect the majority of your deposit back. Also ask them for a breakdown of the
  3. Here are the facts: 1.Paid deposit of £500 and signed order form for main dealer for used car. 2. Following day, cancelled order. 3. Main dealer will not refund deposit. I shall send 2/3 letters requesting return of deposit, assuming he declines, I was hoping to hear of experiences people have had pursuing suc a claim through the small claims court.
  4. I too have a situation where I need to claim a deposit back for a used car. Having spoken to various people\organisations, I have been informed that agreeing to a part settelement and seeking the remainder through court action will not be looked upon favourably by the Judge. In addition the dealer may ask to you sign an agreement which states that this payment is in final settlement. From what I have learnt, it seems when taking action in a small claims court the judge will look at which party has acted fairly and reasonably in the matter. However, at the end of the day taking action through
  5. I would be very interested in any positive or negative experiences individuals have had in claiming back a deposit on a new or used car through the small claims court or using the governments money claim online procedure.
  6. Thanks raydetinu for your reply, The car was due for an annual service, which they said had been planned in any event. Plus they were going to valet the car aswell. As I contacted them on Monday monring, they had not actually carried out the work. They did say they had withdrwan the car from Autotrader and would now have to post it again. However, I know that the add had expired a day before I went to view the car. They did state that they had received a couple of phone queries which had to be turned away. However, I am a little sceptical about this claim. Do you think thin
  7. Thanks dx100uk for your advice. I contacted my cc company following your advice and was informed that a cashback can be invoked under the following reasons: 1. The goods are faulty on delivery 2. The goods were not received. I was informed by the cc company that as this was a case of 'a change of mind', they could only proceed if in the Dealers Terms and Conditions it explicitly states that a refund is available - which it does not. I would be grateful for any suggestions on how to proceed.
  8. Hi, I would be grateful for any advice on getting a £500 refund for a deposit on a used car. On Sat 14/03 My wife and I visited a main dealer to purchase a used car that was for sale on its forecourt. Following a satisfactory test drive we agreed to purchase the car. The salesman filled in a Used Order Vehicle Form, entering my wifes full name on the document and subsequently asked me to sign the paperwork. On the "Sellers Declaration" section of the document, the salesman did not sign or date the contract. There was a section which stated "SalesMan", which was filled
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