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  1. They do tend to stop the interest, once the debt has been sold on if they haven't done so already.
  2. Well, I'm going to do a debt management agreement, whereby all my creditors will be contacted to stop all interest, so my credit file will be trashed anyway, so not that bothered that RBS will default me. Like you said it will drop off in 6 years. Stop me getting credit for 6 years is probably a good thing
  3. Hi all, Well Triton have stopped the phone calls. Sent another letter to RBS telling them to stop harrassing me through Triton, it worked! They wrote again saying that they can't take me to court without the CA and don't intend to and they also said, they don't dispute that I will continue not to pay without the CA, so I guess that is kind of a result. I didn't bother with the solicitor because the fees were horrendous. You're all right, they are trying to bully me into paying because they have nothing else. They're insisting however, that they will continue to default me with the C
  4. Hello, Solicitors have said I would need to do it privately, going to cost a fortune. Does anyone know a solicitor who is "no win, no fee"? To help in trying to write off the debt? I think I've gone as far as I can with the letter templates on here as RBS are just ignoring me now and Triton have taken over in pursuing me, although their latest letter just said "call them". They haven't acutally commenced court proceedings, because they know there is no credit agreement. Help anyone? Not sure which way to turn next. Is it best just to ignore it?
  5. Well how's this one for bank charges. I seem to be unlucky at the moment. The other day I got a statement out of the blue stating that I was going to be charged £250 of charges going back to November last year!! They'd charged £30 a month for a standing order that hadn't been paid. When I finally got to the bottom of it here's what happened. When I opened a bank account with Nationwide, (cos I'd had enough of RBS), they opened two current accounts which I wasn't aware of. My main current account which is fine had all my DD's etc going out no problem. However, one rogue DD was se
  6. Thanks everyone - you only answered what I thought in any case. It's nice to get backup on here and know that I'm not alone. Does anyone know a decent solicitor though? Also don't know whether to include RBS in the IVA I'm going to do, I don't want to however, they've treated me so badly over and above this loan agreement. Awful bank to deal with. I've read somewhere that if I do include RBS in IVA they can come out of it later if the agreement proves to be illegal. I will keep fighting.
  7. Hi, can anyone help please? Had a loan with RBS, paid into it for 3 years, rang them to get credit agreement, as I wanted to check something, they ignored the request. To cut a long story short I stopped paying until they provided it, that was 6 months ago. After numerous letters taken off here, they have admitted they have no credit agreement and they can't take me to court. I'm trying to get the debt written off. Is it worth seeking legal advice now? I've written all the letters on here to RBS and it's gone on and on. They've now passed it to Triton who keep harrassing me. Had one
  8. Thanks I get it finally, been wondering how you start your own thread.
  9. Also is it worth seeking legal advice now? I've written all the letters on here to RBS and it's gone on and gone since November last year. They've now passed it to Triton who keep harrassing me. Had one letter demanding full payment of the loan in full. I wrote back saying that my dispute is with RBS and not them, they just keep phoning all hours, weekends, evenings, haven't answered one call though. I'm sure another letter will drop through the door with more threats. If RBS have no credit agreement, I don't recall ever signing one, because they changed the terms of the loan at th
  10. I have Triton on my back. RBS passed the debt onto them when it's in dispute. They have no credit agreement, so how can they sell it on?
  11. Hello Postggi, Thanks for your response, I did send them a letter off here saying the account is in dispute etc, but they haven't written back yet, only pestering about 10-15 calls a day including night and weekends, we haven't answered the phone. We have contacted a solicitor now who may take our case on a "no win, no fee" basis, as because the bank don't have our credit agreement and have admitted as such and have also admitted that they cannot take us to court, there must be a case. I was trying to see if it would go away by writing all the letters I've found on here (thanks to everyone
  12. they've also "said" they are unable to provide (sorry mispelt stressed out)
  13. Hello, Well I sent a letter trying to get the bank not to process my data, they've already admitted they cannot take me to Court without an agreement, which they've also paid they are unable to provide. Now they've passed the debt to a DCA - Triton who have sent a horrid threatening letter. Can they do this without a valid signed agreement?
  14. No, because I don't know how to start one Also my bank have admitted that they don't have the agreement and will not enforce it, because there's no proof of the loan in the first place. However, they are continuing to place a default against me, can they do that without an agreement?
  15. Help please? Can a bank take you to Court without a Credit Agreement?
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