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  1. Not chased for debt MKRR have bought it (even though it was in dispute) They are not actively chasing but I do not want to sell the house and find I have a problem with the charge.....Correct thread?? It is a charge with Welcome Finance
  2. No complaint specifically to remove the charge. The charge was put on the house in relation to agreement #123 They closed the agreement #123 and started the current one #456 I have a copy of agreement #123 but not #456 cos it does not exist so the current agreement they have now sold does not have paperwork signed by ourselves.
  3. Right from the beginning then.... Took out a loan with WF and after a while upped the loan.... then again and yes......again The last one was Oct 2007 signed on the dotted the lot including resign the form for charge on the house...... call this loan #123 Now this is where it gets complicated, the loan said first payment one month from date of agreement putting the first payment at 15th Nov 2007. They took a payment from our account the week we signed the agreement. My wife noticed this and sent a letter at the start of November stating because the first payment has been taken e
  4. As to having a charge removed..... I have an agreement with Welcome which does not have a true copy of the agreement, the only charge is under a previous agreement (which is satisfied through the consolidated loan of which no true copy can be found), can I have this charge removed ?? How??
  5. Before it gets anymore complicated I have had a SAR and added up the charges.... what is the "contractual interest" and how do I work it out..... do I ask for it or not ?
  6. One question though when I spoke to Kensington they say the charges they are repaying only relate to people on 1st Charges not 2nd or 3rd charges on the house....... so extortionate charges become fair if they are not the 1st charge on a property ??
  7. Seems a long process but worth the chase. I found you can get them to cancel an eviction as long as you pay the arrears on the loan even if the charges are still outstanding.You really have to insist they tell you how much the actual arrears on the mortgage are and not lumped together with the charges. I don't think the courts look on them too kindly for eviction because of arrears on extortionate charges. Its not the perfect solution but it has helped us buy some time. Now in the first stages of claiming the charges back, sounds like it could take a good 12 months..... as long as I get 8% it
  8. Sorry to gatecrash can anyone help..... If I had an agreement and Welcome rewrote the agreement a month later without my knowledge, permission or signature, and i find out they have done this six / twelve months down the line and tell them this is an unlawful agreement and therefore unenforceable can they then reinstate the previous agreement which was signed ?? Basically can they attempt to rob me and if they get caught just refer back to the last legal agreement ??
  9. Does it also mean they are separate from Welcome therefor they are not responsible for the monies owed to its customers from fraudulent agreements etc... They would just say your claim is with the soon to be ex Welcome but by the way you still owe £XXX
  10. What is an LLP? It is an alternative corporate business vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability but allows its members the flexibility of organising their internal structure as a traditional partnership. The LLP is a separate legal entity and, while the LLP itself will be liable for the full extent of its assets, the liability of the members will be limited. Can I convert from being a limited company to an LLP? The LLP legislation does not allow for a 'conversion process' - in the way that a limited company can convert to PLC status under the Companies Act, for exa
  11. Asked for a copy of my agreement, they said they will ask Welcome for it Good luck it does not exist. Keep meaning to sort this out for good.... more fun going round in circles..... Asked who I should mark for the attention of answer was: I don't know anybodies names........ Asked which department, legal?, compliance?...... answer was: Just send to MKRR and admin will know where to send it..... From those answers it must still be Welcome / Cattles LOL
  12. Not been on for a while.... can someone clarify is MKDP LLP or MKRR anything to do with Cattles or Welcome. Asked them but they "dont think so" ..... only set up this year.... I have not heard from Welcome for approx 10 months.... must have been emptying filing cabinets and came across little old me LOL Pesky office clearances..... Just wondered if it was one of these 1p in the pound buyer of useless debt, collection agencies..... any ideas anyone ???
  13. It all boils down to the facts that welcome have carried on business, more than often in an unlawful manner, which has caught up with them and they are now paying the price. On the plus side because of their ineptness many people, including myself, have benefited from their greed (through their fraudulent manipulation of agreements etc.. being unenforceable ). As to their staff and former staff that knowingly misrepresented the agreements they were selling. I honestly think they deserve all they get. If I ever came across a CV with Welcome as a past employer I would consider the appl
  14. Please don't be too hard on them..... if it was not for their incompetence I would still owe 25,000+ Begged for court but they wont , if / when it goes to debt collection agency, first question..... can you give a true copy of my current agreement please..... end of.......
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