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  1. Hi Voda - On Breakfast TV this morning Angela Rippon, Jenni Bond and Gloria Hunniford were talking about a new program they are filming, which will be aired on daytime TV in November. It is called Rip off Britain and they are looking for stories to investigate. I just thought you might like their contact details. Rip-Off Britain Here's how you can get in touch if you want the team to investigate on your behalf. - The email address: 'ripoffbritain@bbc.co.uk' - or write to: Rip off Britain, PO Box 4360, MANCHESTER, M61 0DY I am kind of hoping Welcome will be no more by the
  2. Hi Post - I have sent you a PM re FOS response to interest on acceptance fee. Your advice would be appreciated.
  3. Hi Dipply - this is exactly what I was thinking. The more I look into this the more I think welcome have got this wrong. The debate over whether they do add interest to the acceptance fee is no longer the issue because we all know they do. They even state it in their agreements, which they will point out to you when you complain. However, as you say it breaches section 9(4) of the consumer credit act to treat this as credit. Also the way they put the figures on the agreement to look as if no interest is added to me is confusing and misleading. I am just getting all this info together
  4. Thank you for the e-mail and the info - this was exactly what I was looking for Fingers crossed the FOS agrees that interest should not be charged on acceptance fee. Just out of interest - what would happen in the unlikely event that the FOS do agree and say interest should not have been charged on acceptance fee - would this still have to go to court for agreement to be deemed unenforceable?
  5. Hi everyone - Our complaint regarding interest on acceptance fee has been with the FOS since March and we have been appointed an adjudicator. I have advised the adjudicator that I will pass on details of the previous cases regarding acceptance fee. However, where would I get copies of these judgements - I know Post put something on the forum a while back but it was removed. Can anyone help me get this information as hopefully it could help our case. Many Thanks
  6. Thanks Post - That is what we were thinking - I was kind of hoping Welcome would have disappeared by the time the FOS reached a decision. It might happen yet though - I guess we will find out in next few weeks
  7. Hi everyone - I have not posted for a while (I have been fighting a losing battle with HBOS to reclaim bank charges) Our complaint is currently with the FOS regarding this acceptance fee business and our account still in dispute (even though Welcome says it isn't) I just wanted let you know our final response from welcome on this stated that our agreement is enforceable as they have written on the agreement that interest will be charged on the outstanding daily balance and the acceptance fee. They also state that this is ok because it is no less prominent than the rest of the terms
  8. This weekend M & S had a 25% off sale on some of its mens ranges. My Mum decided to go and buy my Dad some new blue harbour jumpers. She buys these jumpers quite regularly for my Dad and they are normally priced at £9. However on this occassion my Mum noticed that M & S had ripped off the bottom part of their printed labels on the jumpers, which have the price on it. They had then put a sticker on to the label stating £12. Therefore once the 25% discount is applied to the £12 it makes it £9 (The normal price of the jumper). My Mum has complained to M & S but I was just wondering
  9. Hi Bodecia - it may help if you can post up a copy of the agreement with all personal details removed. I am sure some of the more experienced caggers will look at it for you I definitely do not know enough to help but I have received some really good advice on these forums.
  10. I agree with the above definitely DO NOT SIGN anything you send to them. If you have already sent them the CCA request letter and their time has expired send them the account in dispute letter.
  11. Hi Jdene - we have a complaint with the ombudsman also and we were told exactly the same thing as you with regards to them chasing us. I am sure they are not allowed to do this no matter what fos say and we have complained to office of fair trading. We are still waiting on a response
  12. some info from lse Cattles crisis prompts talks between RBS and Treasury - Yorkshire Post
  13. Andie just wanted to wish you luck for tomorrow - hope it all goes really well - let us all know how you get on
  14. That is what I was thinking but didn't wan't to say in case I made myself look stupid
  15. Rikk try this: Welcome Financial Services Ltd Compliance Dept Ruddington Fields Business Park Ruddington Nottingham NG11 6NZ Tel: 0115 9849302 They don't receive external e-mails and if you phone let it ring and ring they will eventually answer
  16. looks like there has been another 1p trade today but shares still suspended???
  17. I am getting so impatient now waiting on news that I am trawling the investor sites looking for any snippet of information I can find. I have a million and one other things I could and should be doing. Anyway this was posted on www.iii.co.uk re: trade on wednesday: Right guys Just spoke with Cattles on the link below. http://www.cattles.co.uk/index.php?investor_relations_contact_ Spoke with a lady called Georgina who confirmed this WAS a trade on wedsnesday for just over 500k shares and confirmed the price sale was 1p (hence showing current price 1p). When asked how ca
  18. Has anyone noticed on LSE today their has been 1 trade under cattles? what would this be about on a suspended share?
  19. This was posted on a factoring blog re: Cattles Invoice Finance. I know again it doesn't directly involve welcome finance but it is an interesting point. Are cattles directors ready to jump ship with the only part of the business that is making money????? Again I am not that sure on these matters so someone please correct me if I am wrong Absolute Invoice Finance Two weeks ago the domain name absoluteinvoicefinance.co.uk was registered to Nick McAvoy using the address of Cattles Invoice Finance in Yorkshire. Is this to be the new company name if the sale of the factoring company ev
  20. would it not also leave it with welcome financial services?????????
  21. 5-MAY-2009 16:48 LONDON, May 5 (Reuters) - Troubled subprime lender Cattles said on Tuesday its looking at options for its Cattles Invoice Finance business, including a potential disposal. 'No firm decision has been reached and a further announcement will be made when appropriate,' it said in a statement. The business provides working capital finance to small and medium-sized businesses through six offices across the UK. Last week, the company said it proposed to close its direct distribution car retailer, Welcome Car Finance, to preserve cash and improve liquidity, and
  22. RNS Number : 7036R Cattles PLC 05 May 2009  5 May 2009 CATTLES PLC Statement on Cattles Invoice Finance Cattles plc confirms it is exploring options in relation to Cattles Invoice Finance, including a potential disposal. No firm decision has been reached and a further announcement will be made when appropriate. - ENDS - Enquiries: David Postings, CEO, Cattles plc Tel: 020 7269 7252 Paul Marriott, Financial Dynamics I Know this doesn't have much to do with welcome finance but it does show th
  23. well done - I am sure you feel heaps better having stood up to them:) now you should definitely complain about harrassment and send the doorstep harrassment letter asap - Have a nice weekend
  24. I have seen people say in other threads that if you continue to pay what you can afford then it shows willing to clear debt and may help if they ever took action against you.
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