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  1. PMSL, even the skip would of refused my reconditioned acer laptop from brighthouse
  2. yes people always record your calls the things i got on tape you wouldnt believe both regional manager and customer relations manager saying things that i think there directors would be abit worried about they sang to me the information they gave me from the harassment the guy was an ex police officer to all information on there case against the employee tracking systems them admitting it was harassment the list is endless and i am debating to publish the tapes for public listening. the pepole involved feathers were well ruffled when i told them by the way keep the 3.7k worth of goods wonder why
  3. lefty maybe you ask them about my 2 serious cases that would rattle afew feathers ask them if they always give nearly 3.7k worth of goods as goodwill also been invited to pick any laptop i want from store tomorrow due to brighthouse rolling out to there stores that any acer laptop charger will fit any acer my post is up and long if anybody wants to have alook at the latest dangerous tactics by brighthouse.
  4. another bayv victim what he basically did was made you sign your rights away as i assume the paper you signed was voluntary surrender of the goods but if you had thrown him out of your house he would of then needed a court order to retain the goods from you. you have done the right thing in contacting consume direct as they can refer complaints for you to trading standards. i really wish you the best in your fight also it may be good idea to try and get the bank to confirm all cheque payments and start to build some sort of case against them also maybe issuing them with a S.A.R may be a good thing keep them on there feet and see if there are things you could use in your favor for sake of 10pounds worth a shot. i am sure there will be somebody along shortly to advise you further regards
  5. ok after my first incident with brighthouse which led to them giving me nearly 3.7k worth of goods as goodwill or guilty conscience i prefer the guilty conscience. any anybody who owns a laptop which have been purchased from brighthouse please read on. i had an acer 8930 from bright house it was re conditioned but was only few weeks old on purchase looked great no scratches well worth the money they wanted anyway i took my laptop away and everything fine for few weeks then i start to notice the screen was flickering not much just slightly so i tried updating drivers to see if that was the problem but it continued and had to put it down to being normal. i was using the laptop in the kitchen last week and went in to my front room all of a sudden there was a very loud bang my first thought was my son had fallen out of bed so i went to check he had not went back down in to the kitchen and when i looked at the laptop it was very dim and the flickering was really bad aslo there was a very strong smell of burning rubber/plastic i noticed that the charger light had gone off and it hit home it was the charger that made that big bang anyway i thought that the charger was faulty and rang bighthouse to complain and they agreed to replace the charger i went down that same day to collect it check that all the information was correct on both chargers before doing the swap which it was. i got the charger home plugged it in again the slight flickering of the screen was there so thought nothing of it until next the laptop kept turning off without warning again was abit worried then the hard drive was making loud noises followed by dvd drive making cranking noises when shut left thee computer for couple of days. my partner then used it she usually uses it without the charger in so she can take around the house but on this occasion she let the battery go to 4% which it then went to standby my partner plugged the charger in and left it to charge up. after couple of hours i went to the laptop turned it on and and the battery warning light came on along with the really bad flickering of the screen and immediately i felt something was reallly wrong so i contacted acer support where i explained the problem to which the support guy asked me to read the information from the charger to him which i did and he told me that the charger is not compatible with the model laptop i had and was well off and that is why i was experiencing the problems i had not even the original charger was not compatible as they were both the same. i was not happy and today i rang brighthouse armed with my information to which brighthouse said they wanted a fax or email from acer confirming this but i said it was highly unlikely they would do that as its a dispute between me and brighthouse but i did get him to agree that i ring them again get a second opinion and see if they were willing to be contacted by brighthouse so again i rang acer support spoke to this really nice guy explained about brighthouse and asked him to re check the information of the charger which he did and again confirmed it was a non compatible charger i aske dhim if it was ok for brighthouse to contact him so he can confirm this to them which he said he would but he shouldnt as i thought it was between me and brighthouse but he gave me a number for them to contact him and he said he would also give them so practical advice as this wasnt the first time acer been contacted about brighthouse. i rang brighthouse and gave them the phone number and name of guy left it hour then rang brighthouse back the guy was very flustered and the coolness was soon going and was told he would get back to me in due course. i decided to ring acer agin to see if brighthouse had rang them spoke with the guy again and he explained that brighthouse had rung and that brighthouse admitted that there procedure is to replace any acer laptop charger with any old bundled one to which brighthouse explained to him this is common practice even through there repair center so acer support told me they advised him to go back to there repair center and advise them they are making huge errors and damaging products i was very thankful to acer for doing what they did and they were horrified that this was there procedure and i was told the amp and all relevant information was directly on the bottom of all acer laptops so it would only took brighthouse to look at the sticker to see what supply they needed but again they didnt do that as procedure is to give any acer laptop charger to any acer laptop i asked the the support guy why the laptop never done this before and he explained because it was first time the laptop battery had gone flat also the flickering is the laptop not sending enough power to it which was causing the slight flickering even with charger plugged in as i understand the charger cant push enough power and it does a on/off motion constantly thats what causes the back light to flicker like it did and acer are in no doubt that the strange things like loud hard drive and dvd noise all related to long term use of this charger as a charger that is not powerfull enough can cause damage just as bad as a charger that is too powerful. i then ring the regional manger for brighthouse as i had his number from before i explained what happened without no argument or nothing he said come into store or go online choose any laptop you want and you can have it also he told me they no longer sell the acer 8930g anymore so it could not be replaced but he stated it must bring the other one back to store and to make sure the charger was with it and again he literates that they must get the charger back wonder why????? so if you own any product from brighthouse and it comes with a seperate power supply then i urge you to check with the manufacturer that the powe supply is for that item you purchased as there procedure is if it looks like a acer charger then any it will be put with any acer laptop if this is on laptops you bet ur bottom dollar they do this across the store with all other products which require a power supply this company are neglectful the first charger which blew up i am lucky it never caught fire with my three young children in the house and really hope nobody else goes through this dur to the way brighhouse staff are trained this is a clear training issue and brighthouse should address this as a matter of urgency as your ways of thinking are dangerous and somebody is going to pay the ultimate price for your neglect its not if its just a matter of when i can now sleep tonight knowing this is out in the open. sorry for such long post and again another serious incident with brighthouse this is 2 incident in 3 months. if brighthouse dont have my exact laptop can i demand that they go out and but one to replace it??? or should i accept the offer of any laptop from there store?? regards
  6. surprise surprise another brighthouse product to blow up i had a charger blow up on me last week but it has now come to light the laptop charger was not compatible with the laptop some funny thing is they gave me the same replacement charger which messed the laptop up. all sorted can go to brighthouse tomorrow and choose any brand new laptop i want good deal really firstly the laptop was given in first place and goodwill and it was a re condition one check the power supply for your tv ring the manufacturer if you have to to double check all is in order you may be surprised hope you get things sorted in the end and dont back down
  7. hi, quick update regarding my situation with brighthouse after being offered by regional manager to wipe the arrears of the account an start with clean sheet. this was last week. today i receive another letter from brighthouse this time to explain that with no admission of liability they have write all monies owing on the account and pass title of goods to me my weekly payments were 26.00 over 3 years. thanks to everyone for your help
  8. yeah i feel for the people that have gone through the same its not nice but this time i was not going to just let them walk all over me like they have done in the past. thanks to clemma and padre your advice was very valuable especially regarding the tracking device that was mentioned. i will pursue this to the bitter end but i just stuck on moves i can make.
  9. i was thinking more of a court order a anti harassment injunction have contacted solicitor about this was out when they rung back so will ring them 2moz see what they say. brighthouse say they are not responsible for anything surely they are responsible for there staffs actions????
  10. hi guys quick update seems things have got very serious to the point i am virtually being gagged by brighthouse and they say there finds are so serious that they have drafted in there audit team and the area manager is no longer involved in this as its gone much higher. the finding i can tell you are not good proves beyond any doubt of pure harassment and intimidation but i can say that brighthouse say it has nothing to do with them as the person was acting on his own back. stuck in not knowing what my next move should be being checked up on to make sure i am not telling anybody. if somebody thinks they can help me with any moves i should be doinfg please mail me. thank you
  11. i have witnessed the pressure brighthouse can put on people cut a very long interesting story short i had a brighthouse cca delivery driver i referred him too lol anyway i find out today he had no authority to be at my house after 11.57am as he was just supposed to make contact between me and the store which was done at this time. he came back and continued to be intimidating to my partner making w**ker gestures through his window anyway brighthouse say he was acting on his own when he turned up at my address after that time. and the vans tracking system does place him at my address. as a normal joe who has always paid on time i can say this does happen the bullying i have been asked to make a statement for there audit people as i understand a disciplinary hearing is set for the end of the week also came out today that this guy has told porky pies to his area manager regarding the police so it should get interesting lol will keep you informed my thread is on here regarding this incident and have had nothing but contact from area managers and customer services mangers regarding this matter wanting me to not talk to anybody else regarding this matter. wonder why?????
  12. made my complaint to brighthouse and sent letters thanks guys just hope this puts a stop to there phone calls and there door step visits.
  13. thank you ever so much clemma as soon as i sort my printer out the letter will be going straight off to them along with a postal order for amount owed minus late payment fees. lets just hope its not a return to sender job the good news came home today to find no phone calls or notes from brighthouse. maybe they have after all gone to get there court order. something been really bugging me is that brighthouse driver smug t*sser never did call the police it was a bluff but he sat outside my house for over two hours for what??? just to make hand signs to my partner through the van window and too try and intimidate us. so the only record the police have of attending this address is when my partner had enough and called them. should i inform head office of the incident that took place or do you think i am just wasting my time???? again thanks clemma now i am back i can do more things. take care CLB
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