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  1. Im in a similar position to the original poster, Mr Lender took 2 payments from a cancelled debit card which I have only found about today, spoke to the bank and they are saying they cant do anything this time, but will monitor from now on, and any further payment s will be re credited, I said surely its fraud if that card has ben cancelled, his answer no they are winthin there rights to do it. Do I follow the same as the above and send the letters off. Thanks
  2. i catch up with this thread sometimes im logged in and others as a guest i have had lots of letters from welcome makes good reading NOT, latest my so called carloan a hire purchase agreement is now down as a personal loan does that mean i get to keep the car not as though it any good.
  3. OH just given Welcome some grief on the phone both phones ringing at same time, infact 6 times in ten mins have they nothing better to do, all i want from them is to say when they are coming to pick the car up, is it too little to ask.................
  4. Morning reading in the yorkshire post Cattles last-ditch talks go on as deadline looms - Yorkshire Post
  5. I think this is the first week with no phone calls from them, normally 7 a week all different numbers that my other half takes messages for and strangley enough to return the call on a mobile i didnt think this was allowed can anyone clarify this for me. Many thanks keep up the good work it's helping me as of yet nothing to report, WF are dragging there heels so to speak.
  6. Keep up the good work Andie, theu just knocked at my door and left a letter £25 funny thing its from my so called local branch, yet signed by a different guy to who rings me, this is over my car, im getting confused with them now, as i seem to have about 6 welscum guys trying to get in touch, well all i can say keep it up and reply to the SAR maybe another letter to Nottingham is required
  7. Had a letter about my personal loan today they are willing to accept a setlement figure of 50%, still amounts to £1800 that must be what they owe me in charges, best thing was it is actually hand signed in ink first time ever
  8. Thanks for that, but i live in Yorkshire but my local branch has shut down, guess they throwing accounts here there and everywhere lol
  9. Anyone had a call from Welcome on this number 01724 its humberside north lincolnshire, twice this week first time they rang the guy gave his name and said he was from L an B well thats what my partner thought, he rang today and said welcome, just wondered if anyone had any ideas, thanks.
  10. It made think when in Huddersfield the other day saw a building called Norwich Union House and surprise surprise. Progressive Finance Ltd have an office in there 01484 425 443 NORWICH UNION HOUSE 24 HIGH STREET HUDDERSFIELD HD1 2LR
  11. i no lets sit back and wait Andie told me yesterday on here all will be revelaed its hard i know, but fingers crossed
  12. Have to agree with you there, i can see there resons and i think its a case of sit back and wait all will come out in the wash as they say.
  13. I got a call other week re car i have missed and i told him i will pay you what is in the letter, i havnt got that infront of me ok i told him what was in letter more fool me now. Then got charged for them ringing me, was a leeds number and a guy from the car repo unit. I wish i had said come take it, as its costing me more to put ir right, keep fighting.
  14. traz i feel the same these guys are doing a fantastic job, i just wait to see the outcome, and if i will ever get a reply to my SAR
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