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  1. Unfortunately there were too many NINJA mortgages sold (No Income No Jobs After all). lenders will have to treat their customers fairly re arrears, repos etc but there will not be the lending circumstances of the past in the future. Consider this; Most borrowers in the USA have non-recourse mortgages, which means, the borrower can walk away from their home and mortgage and their lender cannot pursue them for the debt. American banks at the end of a 2 year fixed or variable mortgage offer, can if they choose, decide not to extend the mortgage, thereby forcing the borrower to re-finance if re-financing is not possible, the borrower either tries to sell their home or walk away. As a result of this,9000 borrowers a month are currently defaulting on their loans. c Tony Evans. Interest rates need to be lowered to 2%, which could happen. This could avoid recession/depression.
  2. Sub prime mortgages are finished. Lenders criteria is far tougher. Remortgaging to another lender with adverse credit still on file will fail. Until individuals credit ratings improve, the only way forward is renting. If you are on variable rate, the lender should pass this on eventually. If, on the other hand, it's LIBOR... bad news, it's going to stay too high until the market absorbs details of various bailout plans.
  3. GMAC-RFC is changing its strategy in order to work through difficult market conditions and is currently in transition to form an international asset management company, responsible for managing over 16bn of mortgage assets. They will lend in the future but this won't happen in the short to medium term.
  4. Ta for your input all. I'll make one up and fire it off in their direction. It's a council ticket by the way.
  5. Yes, I appreciate that however is there not a specific way of writing an appeal letter to a council like you find on legal sites? Hence the question as there does seem to be something available for private parking companies.
  6. Is there a standard template for a letter to appeal a pcn 05 anywhere on site?
  7. Thanks for replies. The payment has not been set by court, stirling park have charged £45.15 for delivering a letter by hand (I was out). I did, through my battle with the council to overturn the ticket, ask if they accepted installments and they refused.
  8. Parking ticket fiasco. DC, also sherrif officer, wants payment plus charges. Told them I couldn't afford payment in full, they responded with 3 monthly payments which are still too high. As they are sherrif officers, do the same rules apply regarding affordable payments or can they just run roughshod over me due to their "sherrif" status?
  9. This lot are chasing me for a council parking ticket and have added on £45.15 as their "charge" What is this for and is it legal? Have posted in parking & debt collectors but no definitive answer as yet.
  10. Seems that they are then? What about the £45.15 charge? I asked what it was for and was told they didn't know?
  11. Each lender has its own criteria.Barclays (Woolwich) will accept unsatisfied defaults of less than £50 in the last 3 years. More than that it would have to be satisfied. Are you an existing customer with them? If that has been serviced well, you could get another deal with them?
  12. Stirling Park (part of intrum justitia) debt collectors are claiming they are also sheriff officers? Does anyone know if this is correct? If not, they are flouting OFT guidlines? I got a parking ticket from Glasgow council (thread in parking forum) and this lot have been appointed to collect alongwith a £45.15 "expense" charge. Question also pertains to this charge; what's it for and can they charge it?
  13. Sorry, can't scan as I don't have a scanner. The parking ticket is from Glasgow Council & stirling park have been appointed to recover despite my protestations. Apart from the ticket itself, it's the precise charge of £43.15 that's getting my goat as they are putting this down to legal costs.
  14. Thanks for the reply. It's a council ticket. Stirling Park called today requesting payment. I informed them that I couldn't pay in one and offered £10 per mth. They said no and wanted three payments to cover the "penalty". Wondering if this is correct proceedure from debt collection agencies? Maybe I should post this on that forum??
  15. Received charge through the door for parking ticket including their "expense" charge of £45.15. I disputed this as I was unloading Dj equipment for Christmas nights at large Hotel in Glasgow, end of of cul de sac, no obstruction. They ignored me.This was the only place available to unload for easy access due to stairs etc. Question is about the charge and why a debt collection agency is being used? Am I able to offer them monthly payments or is this extortion to be paid in one lump sum. As two directors of the firm were found guilty of misconduct, why do I get threatened with the usual threats of sequestration etc etc?
  16. Thanks for that. Do you know if he's at the same address as customer services?
  17. Is it the case that a default notice has to be issued by the original creditor before being passed to a DCA?? If that is the case, what should happen to the creditor/DCA if they have not followed that procedure?
  18. Does anyone have the name of the CEO/MD for Volvo? Wrote to customer services weeks ago and had no response. Want to take it to the top.
  19. Just received a letter from sheriff officers in Glasgow regarding an outstanding balance to Glasgow City Council of £15.16. The letter states that this is currently with stirling park. I know nothing of this and if it's for council tax, I've been living elsewhere for 9 years now. Any ideas upon how to handle this? Thanks
  20. Andy, thanks for the reply. It's from a council. Is the prove it letter similar to other templates for DCA's on the site?
  21. Just received a final demand from this lot for an unpaid parking fine. Under the road traffic act where do I stand as they are debt recovery agents?
  22. Thanks Brassed off. The agreement was made with past due by letter. I'll write again advising them of their errors!
  23. If anyone can assist I would be very grateful. I've been dealing with this lot for a while over a scottish power debt. I won't go into specifics only that i reduced the amount they were claiming and agreed to pay an amount per month via S/O. They however failed to provide a mandate and I've just waited for them to do so until,that is, I received the notice of impending court action nonsense. I'm looking for a suitable reply to their threats if possible. Thanks.
  24. I don't think you can "desecure". If a mortgage is in default, the lender can exercise its power of sale to recover the debt. The original lender takes what is legally due to it from the proceeds then passes the balance of the sale monies (if any) to the second lender, who takes what is due to it. When they are satisfied, the balance, if any, is passed to the borrower.
  25. Check out your offer of loan. All these charges will be on it if applicable.
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