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  1. I've received a letter from solicitors acting for a company I used to be involved with. I've received notification from the company prior to solicitors letter that monies are due to be repaid to them. I've requested on numerous ocassions a copy of contract as it has never been in my hands. I advised that I required to review the contents before making any payment to them. I was providing advice on a self employed basis. The letter from the solicitor gave me seven days to pay up. This letter was dated 20th May and I received it on the 26th. I emailed the solicitor repeating my assertions to the company. They have not replied. This is in Scotland and the amount of monies requested is just above the small claims limit. Any advice would be very welcome.
  2. I had similar scenario with this bunch on an unpaid (disputed) parking fine. My post is on here. A sheriff officer placed an attachment on my vehicle. I don't understand why they have a warrant on your bank account?? Ask if they have recorded your call re the payment agreement and complain to a. I've written to her requesting monies back due to their incompetence under Debt Arrangement and Attachment (Scotland) Act 2002. It would appear that this lot are not regulated in any way? They operate under a voluntary code of conduct apparently.
  3. Morgan Stanley/Goldfish taken over by Barclaycard. "They cannae find a thing captain" in the venacular of Star Trek.
  4. Unfortunately, that's an ill informed judgement on Equity release as it's a highly regulated area. There are many forms of equity release including home reversion which is dependant upon the individuals requirements/age/type of property and must not be confused with the dodgy buy and rent back schemes which are currently unregulated.
  5. All lenders lend on their own affordability tables so chances on that basis also look slim.
  6. Made payment but queried that an attachement had been placed on my car even though there was outstanding HP agreement. Told to send my agreement in and they would refund a portion of the payment made? Surely they should have done all this prior to threats?
  7. Will npower accept payment if they passed it on to wescot?
  8. Sheriff officer called by to place an attachment on my car for an unpaid parking ticket. He should have provided me with debt advice and information pack but didn't, neither did his employers stirling park although they claimed it was posted to me. They would appear to have not done their duty according to their own guidelines. As it happens, all Glasgow city council tickets are invalid as I had another one wiped out. I complained to GCC and they have put the attachment on hold while they "investigate". Question is, what can I do about Stirling park as they are particularly nasty. I'd like to be able to report them/cancel the attachment based upon their inability to do their job properly?
  9. I owe npower £50 which I completely forgot to pay and wescot picked it up. Due to their nonsense, I refuse to pay them directly and will pay npower instead. Today received letter from their sols threatening legal proceedings. What's the position here re their threat of legal action?
  10. Despite further letters to hamptons advising them to stop sending me letters as the debt does not exist, they have been in contact again! Fairly standard letter as they have failed to acknowledge my recorded delivery letter to them. They say they are now going to request a copy of my credit file "which will help us decide what form of litiigation is best for us to recover the monies that are due" They are seriously in trouble for ignoring my stream of letters. What should I do now? I want to tell them to go away in no uncertain terms. Should I invite them to take me to court?
  11. Thanks very much. I've not requested the CCA, just informing them that the debt does not exist over and over again.
  12. Yes it is related and the ICO are investigating breaches re cetelem.
  13. Yes, too true re the mules! However, should I respond to their "legal" letter?
  14. Just received the "asses for litigation purposes" letter from hamptons despite the account being in dispute and the original creditor under investigation from the ICO. Any advise on how to respond greatly appreciated.
  15. Thanks both. Where's goldladys thread?
  16. Could be a struggle. I'll keep my head down whilst walking the streets in the vain hope of tripping over one (pound coin).
  17. In my rush at the post office, I forgot to send my cca request to welcome by recorded delivery. PO for a pound was enclosed. Should I re-send the request with another £1?
  18. Anyone been successful in getting extortionate admin fees for arrears refunded? If so, how did you go about it?
  19. Completley forgot to pay a closing gas bill and have been away for a while. Got a nice threatening letter from collections direct as "a legal requirement of intended court summons" and visit you to make an assessment blah blah" I'm aware that utilities are different from running credit but never had this nonsense before? Can anyone suggest a communication in reply?? Many thanks.
  20. Anyone had BT text messages from DCA? Unless you open the message, It automatically redialls until you do or delete it. This is from Stirling Park, still pursuing me for parking fine despite letter requesting correspondence by letter only.
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