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  1. Paid off a secured loan with this bunch around 5 years ago. They are now requesting payment of interest, late payment charges etc. Any good letter available to tell them where to get off would be much appreciated? Thanks!

  2. Any chance you can scan and post the letter up for us to have a peek ?


    Follow the instructions below for hassle free uploading :)




    However, I think what they are saying is that from the original default date - updating will take place for 6 years. But on the 6th anniversary of the default first being added then it will fall off.


    So when did the original creditor first add the default marker to your credit files. If the debt is statute barred, then I imagine it doesn't have long to go before that is history :)


    I'm unsure of the date they added a default as I don't ever recall receiving a notice of default?

  3. I had an authorised overdraft with Alliance & Leicester which was taken over by Santander.


    A&L closed the account as retaliation for my succesful claim on charges.


    The overdraft has been and still is being reported as a defaulted account with the credit reference agencies.


    I have not acknowledged the alleged debt for over five years and wrote to advise the debt is statute barred ( I live in Scotland).


    They responded by telling me it's six years , not five.....


    . They also state that they have sent transaction summary statement and notice of sums in arrears at regular intervals under provisions of CCA 2008 which is not the case.


    Even if they had, I've never acknowledged anything to them in five years.


    Any advice on how to respond would be greatly appreciated.

  4. Area manager called me from his mobile about 2 months ago to find a suitable time to collect my car when it wasn't even on their repo list. Now, he's in breach of quite a few things not least the DPA and I let him know this. He later got back to me apologising and said he'd get a reduced settlement figure (I only owe hundreds). Not heard a thing until yesterday when a default notice landed on the mat? I'm calling him directly on his mobile to advise him that his job is now in jeopardy and that I'll be in touch with the ceo to advise of their abject failure to run their business properly. Any further thoughts on this anyone?

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