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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. Paid off a secured loan with this bunch around 5 years ago. They are now requesting payment of interest, late payment charges etc. Any good letter available to tell them where to get off would be much appreciated? Thanks!
  3. I'm unsure of the date they added a default as I don't ever recall receiving a notice of default?
  4. Just received a letter from their complaints team after many hours of chasing them to remove the default as statute barred. The reply is somewhat confusing as they say that a default remains on file for six years regardless of whether or not a debt is statute barred? This, despite statute of limitations stating that the debt never existed? Any advice?
  5. Yes. They are reporting to the agencies until August 2013 so only a matter of months before it falls off. I'd like to make sure, through staute of limitations, they won't still chase for the alleged debt. I need to forcefully make them aware in my reply.
  6. Thanks. Already sent this to them with an explanation upon negative prescription under the statute of limitaions act Scotland. It would appear that they failed to digest the content properly, or didn't want to?
  7. I had an authorised overdraft with Alliance & Leicester which was taken over by Santander. A&L closed the account as retaliation for my succesful claim on charges. The overdraft has been and still is being reported as a defaulted account with the credit reference agencies. I have not acknowledged the alleged debt for over five years and wrote to advise the debt is statute barred ( I live in Scotland). They responded by telling me it's six years , not five..... . They also state that they have sent transaction summary statement and notice of sums in arrears at regular intervals under provisions of CCA 2008 which is not the case. Even if they had, I've never acknowledged anything to them in five years. Any advice on how to respond would be greatly appreciated.
  8. I'm about to send my statute barred letter off to Cabot for a citi card debt. Before I do, I'd just like clarification that the alleged debt is under scots law. I live in Scotland but citi are at an English address...... so, the question is, 5 or 6 years??
  9. I received no letter just a message by text to contact them to discuss arrears! I spoke with someone there and she has sent me a "statement of account" which is no help or use whatsoever.
  10. My council have decided, in their wisdom, that I'm due council tax from 2009/10 and a monthly payment from last year. I've had no communication from them either verbal or in writing and they have whacked on court costs as well?. To my knowledge, everything is up to date. I will be writing to the cheif exec but where do I stand? Any ideas?
  11. Oh, yes. Also a small matter of a $75m subprime fraud fine to fund.
  12. Citi are sponsoring the Ryder Cup and need as much money in as possible to cover their deal. Clutching at straws & producing numerous bogies.
  13. They ignored my request for over three years until the same letter arrived on my doorstep from Cabot this Saturday (25/9/10). I'll be writing to Cabot to tell them to feck off and return to Citi. They are in very big trouble.
  14. My complaint has been upheld and Welcome have now written off the remaining balance on account (as a gesture of goodwill). Get stuck in.
  15. Looking for email address for Margaret Young MD. Anyone assist please?
  16. Area manager called me from his mobile about 2 months ago to find a suitable time to collect my car when it wasn't even on their repo list. Now, he's in breach of quite a few things not least the DPA and I let him know this. He later got back to me apologising and said he'd get a reduced settlement figure (I only owe hundreds). Not heard a thing until yesterday when a default notice landed on the mat? I'm calling him directly on his mobile to advise him that his job is now in jeopardy and that I'll be in touch with the ceo to advise of their abject failure to run their business properly. Any further thoughts on this anyone?
  17. Is this bunch a "legal" arm of Rossendales? I've been disputing an Npower bill with R'dales then this letter turned up threatening legal action etc, etc.
  18. It's been reported that a judge has ruled that lenders did not have to provide an exact copy of a credit agreement, just a reconstituted version. Any thoughts?
  19. There is no common sense allowed any more within the lending institutions. There's no way they will apply for a repo. Pure scare tactics. The call was recorded? Did she accept your payment?
  20. If you take the bones of my reply and personalize it, that should do the trick.
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