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  1. this is a really strange one tbh, they have agreed a pay back of ppi. But very strange there was in theory 3883.64 owing on account In 2009, this includes the 2146 pounds PPi single premium added at beginning of loan , they then calculated interest based on the 35.77 PPi payments I made over 36 months. So total figure offer of 4093 net however they are then taking the full arrears amount off what giving me. 209 after tax which doesn’t make any sense as obviously redress is supposed to put in a position pre ppi. The arrears figure without ppi would be 1737
  2. I haven't had relationship breakdown and no work so had problems in my head, getting sorted mind would just like to get rid of allience and liecester/ Santander once and for all
  3. Ok guys advise needed again on this received a few letters at my previous address from Moorcroft re Santander who took over allience and liecester last one threatened a visit to the property owned by girlfriend, of which I moved out of last year when we had a blip in our relationship. Today I recived the following letter. At new address It reads thus Dear Mr We are agents of Santander(uk) plc Their records show that the above account has an outstanding balance. They have therefore asked us to contact the account holder to discus the acco
  4. ok all this has now gone from lowells to Fredricksons. Letter reads as this DO NOT IGNORE IMMEDIATE PAYMENT REQUIRED We have been instructed by Lowell Financial Limited who have passed this account for collection of the outstanding balance. As we have been appointed as their agent you should now make contact with us and not lowell Financial Limited. We are athorised to contact you to secure repayment of the debt. You have failed to pay the balance of £2502.19 which remains outstanding despite previous repeated requests for payment. Our client now requires payment in
  5. oh last time i paid anything towards was 2009 the figure was always going down previously... but has gone up for whatever reason never sent any arrears notices either!
  6. yes signiture on it but it is an application for msdw gold card which was not what i had done in shopping centre nothing else ever sent to me. except a card not even terms and conditions..... this is an application form with bits missing
  7. gazab41

    gaz V egg

    Ok help needed on this one recived demand from tempus sollutions part of activ kapital, no egg number on this just EGC followed by two numbers i.e 28 need a letter to send to these idiots thanks
  8. ok I recived the following from Lowells, first was some copy statments from the days barclaycard took over morgan stanley account, I have now recived a 2 page application form which to me looks like a fantastic cut and paste job, followed by a demand from lowells to pay up. help needed please.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/asset.php?fid=30779&uid=244572&d=1336574567
  9. ok Prove it letter sent and in reply dated 15 th of March I recive the following Ok this Account was Opened as Morgan stanley then Migrated in 2008 to Barclaycard from morgan stanley the card ID number they quote is indeed the number barclaycard gave to morgan stanley card which was last used in 2003 and the orig amount of credit was £2800 and I certainly paid at least most of it back before Barclaycard took it over as had payment plan intrest frozen etc. both numbers quoted relate to barclaycard cards, so am very confused £1.00 payment i belive relates to payment for CCA which still
  10. ok still have not sent prove it letter, i have had allsorts of offers from lowells including free christmas gifts worth about 250-300 pounds if i contact them today i recived an aledged statment of account. this gives a lowell ref number. A credit agrement date of 29/june 2001 a card number starting 5301 this is a barclaycard number anyway card number wrong and the MSDW migrated to barclay card in 08 I will now send prove it letter idiots
  11. Hi have recived another Demand from Lowells who now owe the debt apparently, still no cca and the amount has gone up again. the thing with this the card number again quoted is nothing to do with me is there a letter from earlier i can post them thanks:evil:
  12. ok all advice needed had letter from lowells own account now notice of assignement sent etc. however there are a number of issues still no CCA, Amount gone up again and they have got the account number wrong out 0f 16 digits only first 5 match and another 6 appear in the account number but in the wrong place. just wonder what next move is thanks
  13. HI all just want some advice, Im working as a supply teacher and last monday was involved with Accident at work. whilst teaching class a whiteboard about 10ft by 4ft crashed down from wall hitting me across right shoulder, was looked at by school first aidder and reported in accident book with a request for local council heath and saftey team to look into it, was told no problem if i went and had it checked out local hospital that afternoon. There caretaker also spoke to me and i belive jokingly said you are not going to sue us. on monday evening it had started to swell up, I had very
  14. thanks for looking here are answers to questions. 1. no answer from FOS 2. was addvised against need to sar companies as they stat no CCA HELD will now if need to, and do i send one to hfc and another to marbles(avimore finance Halifax) 3. should i send cca request to capquest or wait. 4 have recontacted oft this morning about harrasment and have been given email to respond too, told they are building file on capquest thanks all
  15. sorry forgot to add the SD here it is. http://img818.imageshack.us/img818/8356/27thmay.jpg
  16. ok herew is full update and an SOS for Letter to send to Capquest. ok account was on hold until following letter arrived which included copies of letter from post 9 and 10 http://img192.imageshack.us/i/capquestlettergmarch201.jpg/ then I recive the following http://img683.imageshack.us/i/21stapr.jpg/ followed by the next threat taking me to court LBA http://img19.imageshack.us/i/13thmaymarbles.jpg/ and today i receive a notification of statatory demand need a letter to counter with as the copy of letter sent from marbles is older than my last corespondence from th
  17. ok on sat I recived a letter from MKRR in relation to this card i will post below the wording of this letter. 04/05/2011 our ref (letter followed by 4 numbers) Dear Mr I am writing to you regarding your outstanding balance, with the objective of finding a solution to resolve this debt. ignoring this letter will only result in making this situation worse and we strongly recomend you contact us upon recipt of this letter. we are in a position to offer a payment arrangment to resolve the problem if you contact us straight away, alternatively you can make payment at
  18. ok I recived a letter from Barclaycard on weds 20th april stating account had been assigned and transfered to MKDP LLP on 21st March. states I owe them £3148.46 at this moment have recived nothing in way of CCA or Sar details and this goes back to Aug 2009 not even recived terms and conditions Advice please!
  19. ok today after several months of account being on hold i recived the following letter.
  20. hi all this Account transfered from Moorcroft to Westcot earlier this year. I recived 2 letters from this DCA including final notice, followed by a letter from "nelson guest soliciters of sidcup"(sent from westcots hull address. I then sent the 2 companies the following letter. Dear Sirs I am receipt of your letter, dated 11/03/11, which was received today, Westcot ref: This account is in serious dispute with Barclaycard, the details of which are none of your concern. You must however read the later paragraphs concerning home vis
  21. :mad2:Ok here is an update on the current saga . I will post all documents sent to me until October 2010. Nothing recived since. 1 letter sent 6th sept 2 letter sent in response of my letter of end of Aug Uploaded with ImageShack.us 3 letter sent on 7th Oct 2010 litigation warning 4 letter sent on 23rd sept instalments 5. letter sent on 23rd sept discount offer Uploaded with ImageShack.us Today jan 14th we had a personal debt collector from Moorcroft arrive he did leave when my girlfriend asked him too he did not see me as was in
  22. ok this is the leter arrived yesterday from capquest and orig told by 1st credit it would go back to marbles. what should i do next as no cca etc and belive i have paid most of orig amount off anyway confirmation from marbles no cca thanks all marbles.pdf
  23. Ok today I have recived a letter from Apex Credit Management. should i send them the same letter i sent moorcroft re serious dispute the amount i owe as gone up again now if its terminated etc it should not in my humble opinion.
  24. have sent the following letter to moorcroft 1st September 2010 Dear Sir I am receipt of your letter, dated 26/08/10, which was received today, your ref:). This account is in serious dispute with Barclaycard, the details of which are none of your concern. You must however read the later paragraphs concerning home visits and data protection. TAKE URGENT NOTE: I DO NOT WISH TO RECEIVE ANY REPRESENTATIVE OF YOUR ORGANISATION, OR INDEED AN AGENT OR REPRESENTATIVE EMPLOYED BY ANY ORGANISATION THAT YOU ISSUE INSTRUCTIONS TO. There is only an implied lic
  25. ok have not sent unlawful recinsion letter yet however have recived this letter from moorcroft. should I send something back re dispute and then send Unlawful recinsion letter to Barclaycard any help please.
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