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  1. hey guys, thanks for your replies! ltc, do you think seeing as though they have lied and been so rude in the past they would respond to a letter? How would i proceed with money back if they didnt because essentially they would have the car and £2,000 x x Honeybee, ah, i didnt think about trading standards before, good idea. Will look in to that. Thanks for your well wishes, appreciate it lots x x Im not in the wrong for thinking i must have some rights am i?! family and friends say in the nicest possible way im pretty much stuck but im still refusing to believe that! x (wishfu
  2. Hi everyone! I'm in absolute car hell and in desperate need of some advice. I went to view my first car about a month and a half ago at a garage in Birmingham. (They shall remain nameless until i find out if they are going to change their mind and help me) I viewed the car and there were some bits that needed doing to the interior but the engine was good and aside from the little interior bits it looked like a fab car. I wasnt able to take it for a test drive but the MOT certificates were there, (2 of them) and my boss who i took with me said it was a good car, i should buy it, and the sa
  3. Hi guys, thanks for replying! I didnt send it off that day cause i wanted to see what you thought. I will definately include a paragraph that diamond girl suggested. They keep calling, i keep ignoring. Im going to my local CAB tomorrow too for some more advice cause it's really getting me down. My mums disabled and the last thing i want is bailiffs at her door demanding money we dont owe!! xxx
  4. OK guys so i sent H L Legal this letter: "H L Legal, 7th July 2009 Dear ***, Re: Capital One £ ***** I am writing to you regarding the above debt as I have received a letter from you claiming court action against me. May I draw your attention to copies of my correspondence with Lowell Finance and more importantly to the CCA request on the ** ** 2009 and their reply on the ** ** 2009 stating that the debt was now invalid due to Capital One not being able to find the original contract I requested and to ignore all future correspondence. I have
  5. p.p.s shall i send their legal department a copy of the letter Lowell sent me a couple of days before they sent the bodged up CCA which stated: "The debt is now written off due to the fact we cannnot retrieve your CCA" See what the legal team think about that??
  6. (I say my signature, it isnt..i've never written my name how they claim i have)
  7. Hey...sorry i havent posted the letter up just yet..it looks a lot similar to others who have posted theirs up before. Its two seperate sheets of paper, one page with my address and signature and then a seperate sheet stating some terms and conditions. I haven't replied, blocked all numbers from my phone and today received a letter from their legal department saying there taking me to court. I really dont know what to do..the debt was never mine but how can i prove it?? Such a headache!
  8. Right, i've just contacted home cause i was curious as to what this letter looks like. Apparantly it looks fake. Its on one A4 peice of paper, with my current address on (although, then the debt was supposed to be taken out, i was living at a different address altogether?) And it looks really dodgy. Where do i go from here?? Thanks for all your help! My boyfriends telling me to ignore it, but i dont want any ore hassle from them!
  9. Hey guys. ugh. I didnt read the replies to my previous thread so i didnt see about reporting them. I wish i had because ive had 5 calls off them today demanding payment so i've blocked there number and said that the account was finishd as they could not provide paperwork. They called back once more before i blocked them to say the original contract was sent in th post on the 4th June so i should receive sometime soon. From my point of veiw, there was no contract. What will i receive?! Shall i scan it in and show you guys? Im getting really fed up with this!! Thanks for your help!
  10. Hey Guys, i would just like to let you all know that Lowell have sent me a letter to say that Capital One cannot retrieve my application form so the debt has now been written off "Unless they retrieve the application form eventually" So thankyou all for your help, you guys certainly know your stuff. It's people like you that really help people like me who don't really understand what legal rights are out there. I be theres thousends of people who could do with your help. You deserve more recognition! Thanks again! xxx
  11. Thank you cerberusalert. And im DEFINATELY entiled to send this, eventhouh they have sent me letters to say ithere awaiting for it to be retrieved from Capital One? It has been over a month! Sorry to ask again, just want to know i'm definately right before sending, there letters back can be very convincing and make me wonder how right i am to be even fighting.
  12. hey thanks for all your replies! Had a quick look at the templates and couldnt find one for In Dispute. What should i say back to them?
  13. Hey everyone, So, its been over a month since i sent the CCA to Lowell finance. They keep sending me the same generic letter to say 'Capital One are still retreiving your original contract. When they do, we demand full payment' This feels like it's dragging on so much, anything i can do??
  14. haha Sam, i like your attitude towards them both. It's such a joke though, shall i ignore the CCJ letter? I am SO close to calling them but keep re-reading the above posts which say never ring so keeping that in mind. It's so annoying though. Should i just go to capital one directly if i hear nothing else??
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