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  1. what shud i say? write to them online on behalf of my mom saying they are harrassing her even tho shes told them ive gona abroad?
  2. cheers, once again thanks very much. i wud just like a way to stop them from callin to stop harrassin my mom, i cud ring bt i guess but dont they need sum sort of proof or summat?
  3. LOL dont think i cud resist dominos poizza letters tho! mmmmm! so they cant do anything at all? just dont want my mom worrying about some one knockin on the door etc. i think i will get her to leave the phone on to miff them off a bit, but surely if she said id gona travelling for 3 yrs round the world and then said you better stop ringin this house or ill report you under the 1997 harrasement act then they might stop ringin etc?
  4. hello peeps, been along time but thought id update u on this situation whihc is still on going , and boy is it borin me now! im gettin loads of leeter s off graham whites solicitors, got one the other day sayin "final warning" (sure they've said that 100 times lol! saying: TAKE NOTICE that despite many attempts to obtain payment, you have choosen to withold settlement of the amount. we have already fulfilled all legal requirements in relation to commencing litigation. please be assured this matter will not go away without resolution. if you do not wish to incur consequences of court a
  5. i dont im afraid, but i wouldnt worry about them, at the end of the day its like the guys on here said, its the ncp that have to take me to court, and even then its not worth there tmie or money to do so. who did u get a letter off?
  6. honestly guys, i wanna really thank you alot, without peeps like u lot alot of us wud b lost! thanks again! ill keep u informed of ne chagnes or letters. thanks again, ur help is much appreciated
  7. really? can they actually do nethin tho at all? my thinkin was they cant, its ncp that have the problem and wud hav to take me to court. r they just tryin to scare me into payin up? you had a similar problem with them?
  8. hi peeps me again in this ongoing bag of poo!!!got 4 stupid letters through this morning about the fines off ncp, the letter is from Graham White solicitors and it reads: notice of intended legal action: you were written to by the NCP LIMITED and their agent Roxburghe requesting the settlement of a parking contravention charge notice. Due to the absence of a payment, or a valid appeal, our client has instructed us to proceed to legal action to recover the amount due. Therefore it is a legal requirement to send a notice of intended litigation before legal proceedings are issued in t
  9. True, But Aint It The Debt Collections Now? Not That Ill B Payin Them, But I Dont Want Them Hassling My Mom If Shes In, Coz Ill B Down There Breakin Sum Backs If So
  10. Lol Yeah They Wish, Not It Was A 7 Fines Of 50 Quid , I Just Ignored Them, And After 28days Goes Up 2 100 Each So 700 Quid, They Got More Chance Of Seein Of Seein Pigs Fly Than Me Payin That, Idiots!
  11. true, but aint they tryin to recoup he 700 quid, wont they buy the payment off ncp?
  12. ok ill just ignore, cant take me to court can they, the fine is 700 quid but i do not intend on payin that!!! ijust follow ya advice and ignore
  13. alrite guys got letters throught today, rand up my moms house coz thats where they got sent, and they say they hav passed the fines over to a debt collection company called rock fella or sumamt. what do i do? will they get in contact?? ring me etc? if they do ring me im just gona say i dont know what they r talking about as i havent received any fines or ne letters etc. what will they do next do u think?
  14. for starters u all jump to conclusions without even askin, i didnt just park in the car park and refuse to pay etc. plus yes if therre is a street sumwhere where its free to park then ur goin to park there to save money, its not illegal nor is it wrong , so yes u do hav the wrong impression! "I am all for finding free or cheap parking places, but the O.P is talking of removing metal gates and creating a car park because the gates don't have 'police' or 'private' on them. I am sure that the owners of this site would not want to condone such behaviour that could possibly be illegal."
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