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  1. I managed to strike a deal with them, i now pay just over half of the original amount untill things improve for me, even the bailiff phoned me to tell me they would be backing off & wont be back unless instructed by lbl, the thing that really p****d me off was that lbl are charging me £300 for the bailiff to come to my house, i bet the bailiff fee is no where near that . Maybe i should phone the bailiff & ask them what they would charge to travel a 40 mile round trip to go to someones house & leave empty handed. Swappings cars ( not V5 ) isn't a bad idea if you live a lo
  2. If she sells the car the loan will still be on the car so the person buying it will end up having it repossesed I also believe but not 100 % sure on this, i think they can ( or would attempt to ) also reposses her new car aswell should she buy one. I had the same problem, circumstances changed & couldn't pay the full monthly amount, lbl finally agreed £160 per month untill my circumstances changed for the better & i can start to repay the full monthly amount again. Hope this helps
  3. Dont answer the door, it will only give them an opportunity to walk in , speak to them through a window & tell them that they are not allowed in, you dont have the money to pay them & the car is now scrapped. The only thing is that you borrowed the money in your name so i suppose the debt is in your name regardless of wether the car is dead or alive. The other option is to make an offer of £5.00 per week, at least then you have made the effort to pay it, then when it's paid start your own legal procedings against them for unfair charges. hope this helps
  4. Sorry m8, wires a bit crossed there about above, but they can't break into your house & just start taking things can they.
  5. I'm hardly suggesting that lbl loans have paid out thousands of people in out of court settlements, i mearly said that " the day they can legaly break into someones home & just walk out the door with your items will be the day lbl writes of everyones debts as a goodwill gesture " meaning it will never happen because they cant break into your home
  6. I've got the same thing on mine, the day they can legaly break into someones home & just walk out the door with your items will be the day lbl writes of everyones debts as a goodwill gesture I would take that piece of information with a pinch of salt. If someone does break into your house lbl or any other person then they'll be dealt with in the same manner as a burgler & probably sent to one of Her Majestys finest hotels My friend insisted that a bailiff can break into a house & remove items, i had to prove to him wrong via the internet that they can't. If a door or
  7. I have just finished a telephone converstion with lbl & they are happy to accept £40.00 pw untill i am back to work & also that they will call off the bailiffs. They have also asked me to go into thier office to discuss this with them in more detail, while i'm there is there anything i shouldn't sign or anything i should ask for from them My concern now is that if i should bring my car home & wake up one morning to find it gone as my drive is close to the road so it wouldn't be a problem for them to take. Are these people to be trusted ? Has anyone else had a simila
  8. I had a message on my answer phone today stating that lbl will be contacting the police stating that the vehicle has been stolen if i dont pay up or hand over the car, so what should i do, can they call the police & say i've stolen it ? thanks in advance
  9. Hi, can someone tell me what a "bill of sale " is please & what does it mean as i'm not sure if i signed one. If i did what does this mean between me & lbl. or if you have a link for me so i can read what a " bill of sale " is thankyou here's my story if you havn't seen it already http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/log-book-loans-bills/189399-log-book-loan-well.html
  10. Hi, i have just arrived home & checked my answer phone & a bailiff/debt collector has left a message for me to contact them to arrange settlement of the full amount ( which i havn't got ) & also that if i didn't they said that lbl will be contacting the police to report the car stolen. Can they do this or is this fool just trying it on. The car is still in my name not lbl so how can they report something stolen that isn't thiers, thankyou in advance for answers
  11. I'll be buying the paper on wednesday, thankyou for all the replies
  12. Thankyou for the answers, i have had an offer made to me today from someone wanting to swap thier car for mine + give me a couple of grand. As it stands i'm just over £700 overdue with lbl, if i done this deal with my friend & then settled up the arrears with lbl i would still owe them the oustanding amount. Do you think an offer of the overdue £700 + a few months payments in advance would buy me a few months grace to get back into work & eventually settle up in full, thus having lbl leave me alone for a while. Another question regarding the logbook itself: when i took
  13. Thankyou for the speedy response. if i go to court in the morning & the judge imposes an injunction on lbl for selling etc then great for me but can they still take it even though an order has been imposed. The car is well hidden & will remain that way untill i can get this matter resolved. One more thing to ask you, the debt collector/bailiff that came to my house, do i now owe the debt to him or still lbl ? Is there anyway i can hold these vultures back for a while by phoning them & coming to some arrangment until i can catch up with the arrears, either speaking to
  14. Hi everyone, i made a the biggest mistake of my life approx 12 months ago by borrowing money on my car for a log book loan. The total amount borrowed was £2150 Total to be repayed is £5,073.90 Equivalent to annual percentage ( APR ) of 284.6% Due to job loss I havn't made a payment for the last 3 months putting me in arrears of over £700. I have contacted logbook loans stating my situation that i cannot pay them what i owe. They sent me a letter stating that it will be going to court to seek possession of the car/full amount outstanding After numerous letters from logb
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