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  1. Interesting points coming up, thanks. Toshiba were very helpful with providing quick email response and sending a usb stick with the firmware upgrade. Unfortunately this didnt work and there is no HDMI output from it and the scart output is erratic. Take note I used past tense! They were helpful but have now come back with the usual out of warranty spiel that Comet came up with. Feel decidedly aggrieved with the whole thing now and pointers would be good. It was full price when they purchased it £240 it eventually was being sold off for £129 from Tesco.
  2. Thanks for the reply Sprag as a first post on a consumer site on a Comet thread I assume your an employee of said company? Currently in contact with Toshiba who are being more than helpful, more than can be said for Comet.
  3. When the first one went wrong and Comet started the usual spiel my heart sank. I totally forgot why we stopped shopping in there. The customer is not king and there service is pants. Have messaged Toshiba to see what they come back with, the unit is not available to buy any more which makes me think. Will look into the firm ware issues, thanks. The rents dont have internet and their tech skills are limited it is quite funny to watch sometimes.
  4. As title really parents purchased a Toshiba PVR that kept playing up, Comet did their usual and tried to make them send it to manufacturer but I put them right on that, so it was exchanged three times with the same fault. They refused to refund. Fast forward six months and same issue starts again, this time when they take it back it is 13 months since purchase date on receipt but twelve months since last exchange. Contacted head office who took 5 weeks to come back with I can confirm that I have spoken to the Regional Manager and regrettably if an appliance is exchanged for the s
  5. Received response today that they do not uphold my complaint and do not consider it mis sold. Main point being it is not a requirement to have ppi to get a loan and it would not have affected acceptance despite salesnman clearly stating no ppi no loan. That we were not mislead in any way. They then state that I can complain again to them or the finance and leasing association and not FOS. FOS are only dealing with Black Horse Complaints from 1/12/01-31/03/03 and then from 14/01/05 My loans are 1999 and 2000. Where to next? It was made very clear no p
  6. Hope all goes well this week wannabe. This whole sorry story will soon be totally over.
  7. Need to edit your link better your name is still readable.
  8. Thanks, having a read. Lets hope they are not dragging their heels to much with sorting out claims Though having a read of some of the threads efficiency is not a strong point.
  9. Hi caggers Started the ball rolling today with my ppi claim against Black Horse. Knew I had PPi but had been to lazy really to do anything about it. Loans go back to 1999/2000 and possibly one around 2002 but not sure. Decided to have a ferret in the attic today and found the old loan agreements result. PPI totalling 2336.06 on two loans and maybe a third loan yet. That is the total amount payable including interest. Rang black horse and gave them agreement number, they still have it on their system. Mentioned the other loans and they said all information on loans with t
  10. Have just started the ball rolling today with mine. Thanks for this it gives hope.
  11. Good luck hun, hope it all comes out in the end. Glance on here most days to see if any things happened.
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