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  1. Well. They've credited my account with £500, and sent me a cheque for £550. I'm returning the latter, telling them I'll accept the former as partial payment without prejudice to the rest of my claim, and giving them 7 days before a LBA. Letter going out tonight.
  2. Getting back on track - letter rejecting their offer of £315 and pressing on being sent tonight (thanks to folks in General for advice on this)
  3. Back on track. LBA sent today (10/4/07)
  4. Thanks. As far as FD are concerned, I got the stock 'er, NO' letter so I'm just going straight ahead with LBA, since I can't see another go around'll change that much
  5. In two of the three cases I have an offer of settlement. Can I reject that and issue an LBA in one go, or should I give them 7 days for a response to my rejection?
  6. My bad - by initial stage I meant 'had worked out the charges due and requested the refund'.
  7. Due to a combination of illness, holiday, redundancy, a new job, and... to be brutally honest, generally being crap, I have let my three claims slide since about August 06 - all three were at the initial letter stage, and all had had replies, with various degrees of fobbing off. Any advice on the best way to pick things up again?
  8. Another question - I note that the tone of the preliminary letter to the bank requesting a refund of charges could be described as a little adversarial Given I'm in the process of discussing with FD what to do about what I owe them, what do folks recommend? A toning down of the wording? Waiting? Carrying on?
  9. Total I shall be claiming: £1265.
  10. Things dragged a bit, due to holidays and stuff. And First Direct deciding they'd had enough of me *wry grin*. This may not be helped by the fact that they've had £5,200+ out of me in charges since July 2000! It's very interesting going back and seeing the pattern of charges, where one bad month has a knock on effect for ages. So, question: given that's over the £5000 small claims limit, what's the best approach?
  11. FleetfootMike

    FFM v MBNA

    Let's see what happens. DPA letter sent.
  12. DPA letter sent today - I'm curious as to how much I have been charged since I got the card, to be honest.
  13. I come here (from moneysavingexpert.com) enlightened, wiser and a touch peeved, since I've been feeling the pinch of the loop of being pushed overdrawn again by the previous month's charges off and on for a while now. First step (DPA letter) today. Let's see what happens.
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