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  1. not had termination letter but one saying account closed in 2009,they never charged interest from 2008 to 2009 then started again late in 2009 until late 2010 then nothing again and passed to dca,now after removing ppi account now saying on credit file account open surely if they have closed account they have ended the agreement
  2. can anyone tell me if they have broken any rules by closing the account in 2008 then reopening in 2009 closing it again in 2010 and now reopening again after removing the ppi and interest from balance,surely when the account was first closed this terminated the original agreement so how can they does this to suit themselves?
  3. if you can prove it being mis sold claim it,i have just won ppi claim with them plus the 8% fos rate so go for it
  4. good news i have won ppi claim with creation with interest after sending them evidence that was mis sold due to being disabled before account opened no claim would have been paid. on another point can they now reopen the account and add charges going forward {interest etc}.i have notice from them account closed in 2008 then reopened in 2009 with over £3k of more charges and interest added since 2009,now looking at my credit file it says account open now they have taken ppi off.
  5. looking forward to hear final result of this,as i also have commission complaint with them.good luck
  6. i am having same problem with creation,they have rejected ppi claim as box ticked on original agreement {form filled by shop assitant},incorrectly spelt name on original agreement and was not in employment when form filled out{thisis part of their eligibilty requirements for cover},this is their final response but have said i can go to the FOS. According to my sar they closed my account in 2008 but since then they have carried on putting charges ,3d insurance and interest onto account. has anyone got any good ideas how to take this further?
  7. so if the broker is trading under diff name they should still hold records
  8. sorry have not sent sar to broker yet,I have spoken to them on the phone and had an email back from Steve Capewell to say that as 1st stop finance have ceased trading they dont have any records and there is no requirement for them told hold the records under data protection act.
  9. great to know that hurstanger is relevant,as to the staff at 1st stop have a look at this and search Alex Mollart on Linkedin{on here it shows he was founder of 1st stop in 04 but was also working for welcome til 05} www.1ststopgroup.co.uk go onto THE GROUP and then see owners/directors and then THE BORAD
  10. thanks for the great advice,i will ignore the dca who has bought my ccj from lloyds
  11. so that means until they apply to have name changed they cannot enforce ccj and you continue to pay original claimant
  12. on reading the details on sale of ccj.if original company has sold ccj do they have to take back to court for new comapny to collect payments and enforce any action
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